Fishing report: Ponce entrance full of red fish, shad

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Before Hurricane Dorian, fishermen were enjoying a strong coastal catch from Port Orange to Ormond Beach.

Before Hurricane Dorian hit the area, coastal fishing was crazy.

SURF, PIERS: Roy Mattson (Roy's Surf Fishing Guide Service) said there have been few people fishing from the beach. The main bite has been the whiting. Before the Flagler Beach pier closed due to the storm, the catch of royal mackerel was up to 114 fish.

OFFSHORE: Ocean conditions have not been favorable for fishing. Captain David Caruthers ( said he left once in the last week. “I went to the coast on Thursday and we stayed quite close. We catch vermilion, red snapper and several decent sized king fish. ”

ENTRADA DE PONCE, RIO HALIFAX: Captain Fred Robert ( worked the entrance before the storm hit. "It was a week with many red fish again, some good mangroves and shadles in the range of 25 to 60 pounds." Captain Jeff Patterson ( said he focused on the red fish at the entrance. "Very consistent," he said. "We were capturing the size of the groove and over the redfish." Patterson said there have been quite a few shacks. "I haven't really targeted them, but I've seen a couple of other ships connect with some fish that seemed to weigh between 50 and 80 pounds," he said. Mattson said that fishermen were catching black drum, pompano and croakers around the Spruce Creek Bridge in the United States 1. "Steven Hughes on Your Road and Reel told me that some of their clients were catching a large black drum and red fish around the Dunlawton Road, "said Mattson. The Daytona Beach pier closed by storm and the regulars moved to the Main Street Bridge, where they were catching red fish and mangroves the size of an archer. "Those guys told me they need to fish from the bridge more frequently," Mattson said with a smile. Mattson said the top baits at this time are live shrimp and mullets. When conditions got too difficult in the ocean, Caruthers began fishing on the coast. "We stayed in the entrance area and caught 17 red fish with slots and more slots," he said.

TOMOKA BASIN, RIVER: Captain Kent Gibbens ( has not seen many people leave this week. "The few people who have come out have been finding red and steal it," he said. "Many of them have been trapped at night near the pier lights." Gibbens offered this thought about the post-hurricane conditions: "After the storm passes, the bass and the shad should lose their heads with all the fresh water that has been infused." Captain Barry Englehardt ( said his last day on the water was Sunday. "We capture bass, reds and snappers," he said.

MOSQ. LAGUNA, INDIAN RIVER: In the last report received from Captain Michael Savedow (, he said that the Edgewater field has many fish at this time. "A lot of speckled trout, some bass and black drums," he said.

KILLING ENTRY, RIVER: Salty Dawg Outfitters Highbridge said the waters were full of red fish, shad and bass. The best fishing has been at night around the pier lights.

S T. JOHNS RIVER: Captain Bryn Rawlins at the Highland Park fishing camp in DeLand said in his latest report that fishermen enjoyed a constant catch of panfish in the waters of the St. Johns River. The smallmouth bass is concentrating on the main part of the river in search of cooler water.

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