Homemade Ice Fly Fishing rod holder

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Homemade Ice Fly Fishing rod holder . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Homemade Ice Fly Fishing rod holder “. Hopefully this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Homemade Ice Fly Fishing rod holder

 Homemade Ice Fly Fishing rod holder

Although some shoe stores sell what you have setting up its own staff for the winter snowstorms fish, it is more advantageous to make a homemade ice fly rod holder, often a “tip-up”. the word “tip up” comes from the movement of your current rod and make the container when a fish is hooked. the tip can on your ice fly rod holder to tell you when a fish exactly in danger. it keeps falling off your rod to the hole.


Cut your wooden stick


    Cut the actual stick until about 21 in long. a hockey stick or scrap wood works fine when it comes to a home-made ice cubes fish holder. Cut an angle of 45 degrees in one end of the timber together with a hand saw or jigsaw.


    drilling only two holes 4 inches apart to the wood. They should be as to pick up close as possible to the center of the stick. The holes should be just a bit smaller than the width of your stick.


    Cut the wooden doweling into two 1-inch program plans. Forcing ending small pins into the holes in the account cutting the corner accordingly. Make sure the pins are not as small right with the wood. You want the criminals to be snug.


    Drill a very small hole in a corner end of the timber and put the beds based on the doorstop inside. Take the other by plug and screw it into the base of each homemade ice fish container so it is falling.


    Bring attention screws that 2-foot stick. Place an eyebolt of one-third of the way in which your continue, and the other are provided in the lower level of the round surface to stick. Make sure that the attention screws in the correct because there is tension on them could be you need a fish exactly in danger. Stop push the stick in the narrow end of the door.


    Enter a fishing line on the eye screws and allow the end in some pile of snow in the hole you actually ice fishing anywhere. Your rod is in the “Y” key, supported by the snow can strongly shape around it all.

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