How can you make a Shocker Rig

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How can you make a Shocker Rig . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How can you make a Shocker Rig “. Hopefully this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How can you make a Shocker Rig

 How to brew a shocker Rig

Carp fishermen make use many different tactics to provide wary carp and snatch successfully. carp are very sensitive to bait, hooks and weight and the best types of mouth a lure before it. to help you get a carp fact that the bait is safe, some fishermen to adopt try to reduce a shocker rig much weight detected by the carp. Use a simple tactic to surprise rig that can improve both dropping and solid fat rig mount.



    Cut a 6-inch length of monofilament line of your filler spool with scissors to work to prevent a bobber.


    Wrap a bobber stop line in the main fishing line 2 times in order to start with the binding of these bobber stop button. Shape the wraps to the line 12 inch inside the free end of your main line.


    Form a large overhand loop in the use of the ends of the special bobber stop pad. Wrapping a free end of this line around and over the course of three moments. Pull prevent the bobber knot tight and trim off the excess line with scissors.


    Slide avoid any rubber bead on the main line and roughly the bobber. Place a 1/2-ounce weight of the eggs in danger under the bead.


    Insert additional rubber bead on the game under the egg weight. Attach a barrel swivel to your end of most of your line with some uni knot.


    Cut a 5-inch quantity of monofilament line to perform as a chef. Attach one end of this conductor a barrel swivel by means of a uni knot. Attach a circle hook in the direction of the free end of the leader with a kind of uni knot.

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