How do you milk powder Paint Jig Heads

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How do you milk powder Paint Jig Heads . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How do you milk powder Paint Jig Heads “. We hope this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How do you milk powder Paint Jig Heads

Powder painting is no color to use lures Leadhead. Instead of getting expensive painted jig mind, you can invest in cheaper unpainted jig leads, or even create your own. In contrast to liquid paints, powder coatings will not be executed or spillage. The mold managers are heated above the flame, doped with the powder, and then baked in a curing oven at the tip. Once the color is applied, it can use liquid paints in order to have further details.



    Shake the jar of powder paint to build the light source paints and airy. Get rid of the lid and set it aside. Pour comprising the powder paint particles to a plastic container having a wide opening.


    Pick up the hook with respect to the mold with a pair of needle-nose pliers or perhaps hemostat.


    Heat which mold head with a flame for a few seconds up to six, depending on the dimensions of the mold. Larger calibers to heat much longer. You can start with a lighter, a small gas burner or the flame of a gas stove.


    Push your heated jig head out of your paint in a simple side-to-side movement. Really do not leave the head in the paint; Just dip it in your powder and pull it out. Remove excess paint.


    Wait a while for the color liquid not to mention curing. You can change the speed to do this by heating a jig head for that second or couple.


    Use to refresh a new blade or spare hook the paint directly from the mold eye.


    Screw the lid usually paint in powder form at the top of the pot, along with Shake It quickly after every few lures. Otherwise, the powder will soon cake and will not consider the jig scalp.


    Hang the molds with a rack in a large oven or toaster stove top, and bake them in a 350 college diplomas Fahrenheit for 15 units. The heat, the paint curing and ensure more sustainable.

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