How to Apply Crawfish as bait

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How to Apply Crawfish as bait . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Apply Crawfish as bait “. i hope that this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Apply Crawfish as bait

Crawfish are the main shellfish family; that resemble some very small lobster. Crawfish are an effective bait for pike, catfish and walleye. With all the crawfish bait you are able to hook it out of the tail or thorax. You can also cut each tail and fish just about it.


Connecting a new Crawfish


    Stick the hook around the base of your chest. You could also hook it off the end of the tail usually, just inside of the shell of the crayfish.


    Remove the hook inside the shell carefully. Hold the hook as the direction of the scale as possible to minimize internal damage.


    Pull the idea of ​​fishing hook on one of the two leads of the thorax or the tip of the tail


    Feed the crayfish down the hook through the whole lap element of the hook is opened. The point of the hook should face the tail.

Connecting a good Tail


    Cut, various tail of the crayfish has a knife. Cut just below the thorax.


    Stick the purpose of the country through the top tail. Place it near the stage where the tail was cut in the body.


    Feed the hook on the tail until it emerges from your back end.


    Slide the tail to the application on the hook reaches its platform.

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