How to Build a Trailer Jig

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How to Build a Trailer Jig . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Build a Trailer Jig “. i hope that this article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Build a Trailer Jig

 How to make a trailer for Jig construct

The trailer mold to develop is equal to a different caliber, but it is captured certainly with the aid of a tandem rig. fish two molds enhances the visible presence of the lures and increases the possibilities for catching fish. the trailer mold is generally smaller than that of lead jig. lighter obesity prevents trlr jig of capturing the motion of your lead jig. building a trailer jig is undoubtedly achieved with simple fly tying applications and techniques. confirm her jig hook brings color and movement in the temptation.



    Terminal this jig hook within jaws of the vice. paint leading jig traveling with a marine quality paint. use a color that contrasts with the use the color of your lead jig. White and African-American jig heads contrasts beautifully in different waters.


    Wrap the thread on the hook shaft into the phase where it meets all weighted jig starts. create make 30 wraps of thread on a moving base for the hook.


    Cut each chunk of buck tail on a hide and solution of the tips in the hair fibers to see twice along the exposed land shaft. Keep the root ball with the shaft down beside it difficult to fit the fiber spinning in the hook shank. Your entire circumference of the shaft is likely covered in each buck tail.


    Make 20 wraps of the thread on the bed base of the fibers on the hook to fix. Use a sheet of some excess base trim fibers within the hook.


    Cover this thread wraps with a thin layer of glue. Encourage the glue dry first minute. Use the razor blade to cut the wire into the hook and extended the mold.

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