How to Catch Sturgeon on your Willamette River

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How to Catch Sturgeon on your Willamette River. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Catch Sturgeon on your Willamette River”. We hope this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Catch Sturgeon on your Willamette River

Oregon’s Willamette River houses many species associated with fish, from chinook salmon to striper. Sturgeon, which are muskie that feed along side bottom of the river and that can grow quite great, are found within the Willamette Falls all the way up to the mouth from the river. Just launch your boat with a convenient boat ramp, and that you will likely be near a superb sturgeon fishing spot. Soon, you will likely be reeling in a first Willamette Canal sturgeon.



    Turn with your depth finder in addition to search the river bottom to get a hole that is actually substantially deeper as opposed to the average depth. Holes of 70 ft and deeper typically are not uncommon. Anchor your boat from the upriver end for the hole, as this is often where food gathers.


    Slide a fabulous lead weight onto an important line of your current rod. It is vital that the extra fat be heavy enough to help keep your bait over the bottom of a river. The amount for weight depends on the potency of the river active. Four or five ounces is a fantastic weight to commence with. If you discover your weight is not really holding on the particular, add more weight and soon you are confident the current is not even lifting your offering there are various river floor.


    Tie a swivel on your main line. This may keep your body fat from sliding in your bait.


    Tie pertaining to 12 to 18 long of leader in the swivel, using at the very least 25- or 30-lb. examine line.


    Tie on the 4/0 to 8/0 land. Generally, the lesser your hook plus bait, the more undersized sturgeon you certainly will catch.


    Bait your hook with the freshest bait your might get. Common baits really are shad, eel, smelt, herring and a blend of sand shrimp and additionally worms. Don’t hesitate to try distinct baits.


    Lower your offering to your bottom of a river. It is critical that your bait be in the bottom.


    Place any rod in it’s holder and simply wait. Watch the end of the rod, and after you see the tip bend by using a short jerking motion, you are probably enjoying a bite. Set the particular hook hard.

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