How to cook Lines When Pitcher Fish

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How to cook Lines When Pitcher Fish . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to cook Lines When Pitcher Fish “. i hope that this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to cook Lines When Pitcher Fish

 How Lines organize When Pitcher Fishing

Jug fish is often used to land several catfish per session. the basic norm behind jug outdoor is setting a good line on the jar next to the fact that the catfish visitors, it ensures that all the can to joe or to point up , indicating the fish is at risk. jug fishing provides the setting for many different lines, earning compared to a single line more fish. Drift on jug lines in a small canoe or boat to the fish as they just strike collect.



    gauge the depth often fished jug into the water. with depth or even fish finders to assemble this information. Tie lines to the jug handles on the depth of water, to remove 12 inches. Push the line in the bottom of the jar grips next to provide the caps for the jars are to continue to go out from the water in the container.


    Tie 4 / O device 6 / O barbs at the end of the fishing line knots Palomar. Make several 1 oz. parting shot lead 6 to 8 inches above mentioned hooks.


    Place smelly catfish bait the hooks and determined the jugs and lines, while in the boat. Leave the jars in a row, each about 10-20 feet. Drift along aided by the pitchers as some people bounce and drift given the current water.


    Look to tilt the jars in the water, with influences indicating catfish. Go to the jar that can be tilt and pull the fish, collect and rebait. Put the can back up the water.

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