How to easily create a Bot Gigging Rig

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How to easily create a Bot Gigging Rig . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to easily create a Bot Gigging Rig “. We hope this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How to easily create a Bot Gigging Rig

 How to make a Bot Gigging Rig

fishing for flounder is often done at night with a gig or spear in addition to a lantern. flounder gigging you popular on relaxing shores, usually in a shallow sound exactly where the water flow will be subtle. flounder rigs at large widely used to catch a bone using locks, where fishermen, both fishing reel them in any gig or striped bass caught in. Different designs on flounder rigs and performances are made by fishermen. Two to make the easiest would be definitely a fixed sinker rig as well as a dual gig.


make Rig


    Cut the 30-pound test monofilament leader over a length of a foot. Tie the hook to a single end.


    band hooked line between the many loops on the actual cylindrical trolls excess fat. The magnitude of the weight that you need will be determined by the conditions you fish.


    Tie your primary line to each loop on another side of typical weight. This will be your trolling line or jogging, or cast a line under which fishing style suits you. The fixed-sinker rig will try to work well with the sending your line, drifting or trolling.

Making each Gig


    Cut the bit or 1/8-inch stainless steel plate in a fork shape from the one end with the aid of a hacksaw or other suitable metal chopping tool. The fork want really striking two teeth. develop smoothly and the teeth with a metal file or possibly grinding rod. Make sure you understand any burrs that the fork will remove sharp and smart. Depending on local and national regulations, several prong may be illegal in the decision to take bone. Contact your local Division associated with wildlife or bass and game only for specific rules regarding performances.


    Drill a pair of holes, with a major 1/4 inch metal cutting bit, 2 inch at a distance from each other within the other end of the 1/8-inch stainless steel plate stainlesss. Place the first hole 1/2 inch to the end.


    Cut the three-inch deep slit in the biggest market of one end of the wooden rod saw using a hacksaw or pocket with a 1/8-inch thick cutting tool.


    Slide all stainless plate to pay the gap attention to a tight suit. Remove the denture and collect it on special wooden rod. Mark your eye holes on the rod aided by the stainless plate as a stencil.


    Drill two holes with the 1/4-inch drill bit as a result of the wooden rod. Countersink a hole equal sides. Place the plate in the slot and fasten the bolts diameter 1/4 inch around the hole. Place the wing nuts in the opposition and tighten any bolts.

    Bring wood kit wooden rod to protect yourself against the wood due to rot or crack.

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