How to Install a Glow Abide by Rod

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How to Install a Glow Abide by Rod . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Install a Glow Abide by Rod “. We hope this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Install a Glow Abide by Rod

Night fishing means you can go for fish comprising bullhead, walleye and catfish. A problem with night fishing is not the ability to see movement on the line or at the end of the rod. Glowsticks specially designed for use with fishing rods and reels will show the subtle movements of the tip and the line affects when a nocturnal fish. Most fish glow sticks are made to attach to the rod tip line or even using a small, thin plastic tape.



    Reel in your fishing line to the reel. Set the fly line down, so you have access to get to the top.


    Crack not to mention shaking hold the fishing flare attachment before turning off the light. Place the glowstick primarily on the tip privately without the metal on the spot that the line running guides on the rod.


    Slide individual small rubber piece down and the whole glowstick not to mention rod. Push it down to the actual glowstick. For example, if the rubber band is definitely too loose, tighten double that in addition to the walk down to the end.


    Insert the following rubber band above the glowstick next rod tip presents the stick.


    simulate the actual casting motion and to be sure that the stick remains in the static position. Or, double the rubber bands again and put them back on the stick and actual pole.

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