HOW TO: Install a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa

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HOW TO: Install a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “HOW TO: Install a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa “. i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

HOW TO: Install a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa

The high seating position of the Jackson Coosa I needed a way to raise my GoPro HD to get the right angle. My solution was to mount a YakAttack panfish ™ at the top of my chest with the Mighty Mount ™

The panfish ™ is designed to capture over-the-shoulder video. It features a split design with adjustable pole discs quickly and easily horizontal panning possible. All you have to do is pick up the foam grip and twist! At the top of the panfish ™ I have a double socket RAM arm that holds the GoPro HD camera. HOOK 1 has an option which includes a RAM mount, Mighty Mount ™, and mounting hardware.

The Mighty Mount ™ is a small mounting plate that can be directly placed on a kayak, on a rail or bolted to pretty much everything. I chose the top of my crate because it gives me the extra height I need. When fishing with the seat in low position on the panfish Portrait is the perfect height to capture video. The attachment of one of the two takes only a few seconds.

Supplies – Crate, Drill, Mighty Mount ™, panfish ™ and Cutting Board

Cut the board to the size of the Mighty Mount ™ and drill matching holes. Now screw together to ensure that the nuts are properly tightened. You do not play!

All Done!

Sample Video

I have the opportunity now to play with the panfish ™ had for a few months and I am very impressed. As someone who did mostly rivers vist I spank my equipment. None of the products YakAttack I have not passed. If I want to take my friend catch a trophy fish or take a self-portrait while on the beach it takes only a simple turn of the camera pans. If you need to install anything on your kayak I highly recommend YakAttack’s line of products.

Please perform CPR! See you on the river!

Aaron Dryden

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