How to Make a Cage intended for Crayfish

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How to Make a Cage intended for Crayfish . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Make a Cage intended for Crayfish “. i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Make a Cage intended for Crayfish

 How to set up a cage meant for Crawfish

Catch crayfish and perhaps minnows and other small fish with the aid of a crayfish cage. a crayfish cage is known as a mesh, get cylindrical cage with an opening of small invertebrates to sign it. the only crayfish or small -scale fish enter a cage, they will never be able to leave the conical entrance. the cage is from the water, usually with the opening to the ambient and allow the actual creatures in order to carry the wire comfortable crate.



     mesh is commonly used for different types of fish cages.
    mesh can be used for a variety of fish cages.

    Secure the edges with the 29-inch mesh using 6 zip ties, so you have a 6- by-29-inch cylinder will have.


    Cut off the corners of these 6-by-6-inch gauze with the aid of the cylinder of still much more step like a plan. Secure this piece to one end of the cylinder. This would be the back of each cage.


    the role of the 19-by-7-inch joint of gauze into a new cone shape. the base of the cone 6 inches long diameter and the top of a major cone 1 1/2 inch, however. the cone of this position with the aid of cable ties almost four


    Stick which cone-shaped mesh in the cylinder throughout the primary starting point during use of the narrow end. The narrow finish points in the rear of a cage. Wire outside the cone 19-inch edge of the cylinder.

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