How to Make a Light-Up Bobber

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How to Make a Light-Up Bobber . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Make a Light-Up Bobber “. i hope that this article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Make a Light-Up Bobber


 How to Make a Light-Up Bobber

Fish usually always stop biting once the sun goes down. in fact, fishing for a few species, like to see that walleyes, catfish along with crappies can actually really be effective in the dark . but anyway, detecting bites generally is a problem. fixing hold a glow to a bobber will get a simple remedy. Slip bobbers, easily with a fixed position bobbers accept glowsticks under the assumption that they are a fantastic shaft stands out above the governing body of mostly the bobber. with one or two useful items, you are able to get your day of fishing bobbers cheap and effortless to put sparkle bobbers.



    Bending keep the glow on activating the chemical reaction that produces the stick in order to glow.


    Place all glowstick around the upper shaft with the bobber.


    Wrap a few cable ties – or perhaps cable ties – in the glow stick and then the bobber axis. Piece of cake too tight.


    Cut the extra cable tie in the quarter-inch to help pouring easier.


    Cut to replace the cable ties in addition to the glow stick glow stick should get dim.

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