How to Make a Quantum Baitcaster

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How to Make a Quantum Baitcaster . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Make a Quantum Baitcaster “. i hope that this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Make a Quantum Baitcaster


Quantum is part of the Zebco fishing tackle brand. Both names are more popular by many anglers with Quantum presentation of the higher-end professional, clear and crisp offshore equipment. Baitcast reels are perhaps making of features, including high-count stainless steel bearings, metal spools and reels glass, ceramic drag not to speak of regulating micro-adjustable cast Quantum line use. Taking a Quantum baitcast reel are apart generally be necessary for maintenance and cleaning habit caused by normal use.



    Search coil access silently Quantum Baitcast reel that can be compared overcome. Depending on the specific Quantum baitcasting baitcast reel model, the side with the reel that is certainly in front of the work will normally with sliding open so that the coil may be approached.


    Keep all Quantum reel responsibly and slide the medial side of the baitcasting reel opposite the handle as far as access to the coil. Remove the spool by sliding it just immediately go out and set aside.


    Access to the actual reel handle simply by loosening and removing the screw holding the handle cap set with a small screwdriver.


    loosen and get rid of the retaining nut that secures the handle. Slide the selection of the Quantum Baitcast fishing reel.


    Remove the special star drag deal with, rings, bearing ring plus the spool tension knob assembly so that the screws holding the medial side of the roller in the direction of reel body is often easily accessible.


    Unscrew and remove the two small screws in your side of the usually Quantum reel with a screwdriver. Pull out the inside of the coil astonishing mill body in order to find the gears.

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