How to make a Split Photo Jig

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How to make a Split Photo Jig . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to make a Split Photo Jig “. We hope this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to make a Split Photo Jig


A jig is often a specialized hook with a round, oval or oblong part of lead attached just below the eye. Lures can be used simply by fishermen attraction and catch fresh new recreation and saltwater fish. Jigs are widely available sporting possessions and tackle retailers to. Many anglers like to make split-shot jigs in the house.



    Get an important jig-head bracket using the type of fishing you do. Select to conclude a measurement jig 1/0-head for use in relation to fresh water bass. Try a size 2/0 – and more – anytime of fishing on the ocean inshore species.


    Install split shot just below the eye of the jig hook. Light shrinkage to establish a weight of lead on the course; use a set of two clamps. Only apply enough pressure to temporarily lead into position.


    Tie a 2-foot period of monofilament fishing line in the eye of the hook; you use half a knot. Include the free end of the line, and to encourage the jig-head hook to make sure that you swing freely. Adjust the career of the shrink-on body weight forward or return.


    Shrink particular weight tightly around the jig hook given the rod. Bring enough demand to secure the weight set. Not damage is very important from the body weight.


    Paint the actual lead-head jig using nail polish on a color based on the conditions for fishing along with personal preference. Use black or black nail varnish for outdoor deep waters. Use yellow and orange in the spring, and when fishing in brief waters. Let it dry develop at least three hours prior to use.


    Attach a split-shot jig to the end of a large part of your fishing line comprising a Uni knot. Place lure a soft plastic – for example a grub – the jig-head hook.

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