How to Make an Art Bobber

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How to Make an Art Bobber . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Make an Art Bobber “. Hopefully this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Make an Art Bobber

 How to Make a Craft Bobber

A bobber’s system terminal designed to hold used by many fishermen to reach the game fish to provide a bait of a certain depth. a bobber is often member of the first fishing rigs used by the new fishermen especially when fishing on green gill and crappie. bobbers are accessible from a range of retailers, including suits and shoe stores. You can easy and successful traditional bobber trusted to produce a minimum.



    Get some leftover chaff and dried kernels of corn on a dried cob. try a knife to remove the peel or seeds.


    Smooth any rough edges on the cob with coarse sandpaper. Go to a medium or large sandpaper on a smoother finish.


    Cut the special cob that has a knife to the desired length for each bobber. Use a 2-inch bobber to a starting point, exercise atart. or reduction of the space is needed.


    Drill a kind of hole through the center of the cob with a drill and a 3/8 micron bit.


    Place implementing these short stick or twig in the direction of the hole in the cob bobber stop as a brand.


    Use a bobber cob through feeding your fishing line through the hole in the flask. Place the bobber of the desired location in danger. Peg the bobber at hand by inserting a twig or stick to help during the drilled hole, the wedge bobber in danger.

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