How to make easy Your Own Flounder Rig

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How to make easy Your Own Flounder Rig. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to make easy Your Own Flounder Rig”. We hope this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to make easy Your Own Flounder Rig

How in making Your Own Flounder Rig

Flounder are only in tidal bays together with lagoons of the Pacific and Ocean oceans. They is caught from some sort of boat or relating to the shore casting over and letting that bait lie at the bottom. Live trap, in particular spider shrimp, pile red wigglers and small lure fish, consistently consider flounder. Fishing the incoming tide works miracles time, as the movement with the water stirs together food and adds fresh sea life throughout the flounder areas. There are many rig designs intended for flounder, but an effective two-hook bait rig helpful.



    Tie a fabulous three-way swivel to the end of the line appearing out of the rod. Tie the swivel on because of the top ring to be sure the center ring shines at 90 degrees


    Cut a 15-inch duration of monofilament leader and even tie it into the bottom ring. Tie another three-way swivel for the end of this leader through the top ring, comparable to with the turning that’s above the application.


    Tie your 12-inch leader on the center ring of each and every swivel. Tie a hook towards end of wedding attendents leaders.


    Cut an extra 15-inch leader and also tie it with the bottom ring with the second swivel. Tie a pyramid sinker into the end of that leader.


    Bait a hooks and team the rig out throughout the water. Let it lay on the bottom right up until a flounder can take the bait.

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