How to make your own Graphite Rod

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How to make your own Graphite Rod . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to make your own Graphite Rod “. Hopefully this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How to make your own Graphite Rod


Graphite rods are built for old-fashioned fish and fishing trips. Rod building requires practice the techniques needed to get his knee, but allow the ability to personalize each rod. The approach begins with a blank key and graphite materials are slowly added until the completion of the rod. The level at which difficulty level varies great complexity of your thread wraps in use. It’s pretty hard to try thread wraps, but advanced degree patterns of high skill grade.



    Find the spine around the empty by preserving the one hand and placing the other side at a designated area. Bend blank light, and can run in a natural curve. Mark the curved side of the bar with a good gel pen to designate which the back.


    Measure each part of the bar and try a file to a section that more than one could eliminate more. All parts have to be really agree. Use to watch a relief distance chart to the distance between just about any guide. Use the serum guide pin on each the same: the rod. Place the markers privately opposite of the actual spine.


    Mount the end top five-minute epoxy. Just after the installation, use a towel to wipe off the excess epoxy into the tip. Measure all reel seat and use the gel pen to mark the surface of the seat. Measurement for this grip and make use of gel-pin in the direction of the grip of the surface of the mark.


    Place each wire rod building even on a wire tension gadget. Place the top guide on the designated mark. Encapsulate each guide foot or so with screw thread, working with the outside world on the medial. Wrap the wire to prevent the tag end package before you reach the bed base of the tutorial. Make a loop of thread and try to make different wraps to help secure the never-ending loop. Pull acquire the tag end in the thread usually the loop and tighten the loop and the thread closed. Trim the tag end with a craft knife. Repeat for each direct practice.


    Wrap the top of each ring through 1/2 inch thread. Also use this process as typically the guide wraps toward secure the bond. Apply a two-component epoxy finish covered with a soft brush airbrush. Use a small jacket and turn the rod before the epoxy dried. Apply a 2nd layer of epoxy, along with turning until dry out.


    Confirm your grip with epoxy and align the marks indicated. Mount the baitcasting reel seat with epoxy and line around the designated markings.

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