How to Pike With Straight End Worms

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How to Pike With Straight End Worms. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Pike With Straight End Worms”. We hope this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Pike With Straight End Worms

When bass will not be actively feeding caused by a cold front or caused by high fishing difficulty, one of one of the best ways to cajole a strike is to apply a finesse reef fishing rig. One of the most effective is a drop-shot rig, and one of the better lures to fish for the rig is some straight tail earthworms. These worms give you a more subtle demo than other worms that contain long tails and undulate inside the water.



    Spool a fabulous fishing reel in addition to 7-foot, medium-action stick with 8-lb. try fluorocarbon or monofilament reef fishing line.


    Tie to your end of any line a specifications 1 or 1/0 hook getting a Palomar knot. If tying the knot, give an 18- so that you can 20-inch tag final.


    Attach towards the end of that tag line your drop-shot weight that is definitely heavy enough to keep in constant hitting the ground with the bottom. Those weights frequently weigh between 3/16 of ounce and 1/2 a powerful ounce.


    Attach your straight tail worm for the hook. One option would be to thread the worm the shank of the actual hook. Another is in order to slide the connect them through the the top of worm. The top stands out as the thicker end.


    Drop any straight tail worm rig on the bottom. Good areas to help fish these lures would be the edges of facilities, drop-offs and typically the edges of humps together with reefs. Rocky shoals can be good, especially if bass are spawning. Research the water and decline the rig to any bowl-shaped depressions so you see.


    Move all the rod tip just a little to cause any worm to quiver. Good that fish are in the market, keep the rig during the same spot for any minute or additional. Otherwise, reel the idea in and thrown again after related to 10 seconds.


    Set the hook while you feel a chew, which may seem like a “tap regular water tap” or unforeseen weight. Swing the rod upward setting the hook inside the fish’s mouth.

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