How to Rig any Wire Leader

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How to Rig any Wire Leader. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Rig any Wire Leader”. We hope this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Rig any Wire Leader

A wire leader is made from small-diameter stainless steel wire which is used when reef fishing, especially for more robust toothy saltwater recreation fish. A wire standard ranges in length using the intended use and includes a loop at equally ends for lines and hook add-on. A barrel return back swivel at a particular end and barrel swivel along at the opposite end in the wire leader let the main line and hook that should be connected.



    Connect a time period of monofilament line into the main fishing line along with a Uni to Uni knot. Select a 12- to 15-foot amount of monofilament line which can be about three periods the pound test strength within the main fishing range. For example, pick a 50- or 60-pound test time period of monofilament if 20-pound test is needed as the most important line.


    Tie the finish of the monofilament duration of line to a person’s eye of the barrel swivel in the end of the actual wire leader. Tie the monofilament line on the eye of any barrel swivel accompanied by a Uni knot.


    Open the snap around the opposite end for the wire leader. Push the U-shaped line in slightly release a it from regarding the keeper that will open.


    Place a hook to the wire snap. Bend the insert snap back at the rear of the keeper to help you secure the hook in position. Choose a hook size dependant upon fish species not to mention personal preference.


    Add cut bait which includes shrimp, menhaden, squid or sand fleas towards the hook.

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