How to Service a Broken Eagle Transducer

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How to Service a Broken Eagle Transducer. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Service a Broken Eagle Transducer”. i hope that this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Service a Broken Eagle Transducer

Eagle is usually a brand of pike finder devices which have been mounted inside boats to benefit fishermen locate educational facilities of fish beneath water. The Eagle fish finder works with a transducer, that is fastened at water level included. It sounds through sonar waves which can be bounced off with underwater objects after which you can reported back on the fish finder exhibit. Over time transducers can tire out or, if water gets included, can completely fry. Ahead of replacing a nonoperable transducer straight up, check first to ascertain if it is repaired.



    Turn at the multimeter and very first check the power supply the transducer is plugged into. Do this by way of setting the meter a voltage setting towards the range that insures 12 volts. Touch the favorable and negative test leads for the meter to the actual battery terminals. The voltage should no less than be 12 volts. Or even, the battery may wish to be charged or replaced rather than the transducer.


    Disconnect this transducer cable end out of your fish finder HEADED screen or display. Trace the cable television to where it happens to be mounted and erase it from its clump mount.


    Check typically the cable ends to cause them to not frayed. Whenever they are, strip them spine some with few of wire strippers. High temperature a soldering metal. Twist the loose ends within the cable together manually ,. Melt a small dose of solder onto the particular connections. Plug the transducer in and test that.


    Use a screwdriver to the small twist holding the transducer together with each other. Inspect the inside the casing to see if there are actually any electronic parts that appear noticeably damaged. Loosen the out of date solder mounts while using soldering iron after which you can pull the aged component out through needle-nose pliers. Mounted the replacement component part and solder the software into place. Exchange the transducer case and test that transducer.

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