How to Stash Striper Fish

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How to Stash Striper Fish. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Stash Striper Fish”. i hope that this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Stash Striper Fish

Stripers are relevant to bass and are sometimes termed as sea bass or even striper bass. These fish are simply throughout the National southeast and Beach Coast states. Considering that the temperatures and humidity with the areas where stripers take up residence are high, proper storage in your boat or on shore is critical to keeping your own catch fresh. When out sport fishing for striper use 1 of 2 methods to stow the catch safely and maintain your catch fresh and ready for your grill.


Ice Storage


    Place a fabulous mid- to large-sized cooler 2/3 jam packed with ice included or near you around the shore. If achievable, keep the cooler at a shady or cool area for example under a tree or during the boat’s bow.


    Place your catch while in the cooler, layering fish whenever you catch them. Maintain a layer regarding ice below as well as above each pike, alternating layers involving ice and perch. The cooler might be kept at 2/3 brimming with ice to anticipate originates from the fish will require when packed during the ice.


    Close typically the cooler lid along with keep it closed in daytime spent fishing. Back again at shore, open the the water drain valve and additionally empty melted ice water in the grass. Buy a unique bag of ice and improve the top of the cooler with the transport home.

Live Well


    Tie that live well handle cord towards a boat cleat and / or static point included and place the particular live well crazy.


    Pull your well up upon the boat when landing a striper and additionally open the lid with the well. The water empties outside the well when pulled from the water on the holes in all the well.


    Quickly area the striper on the well and position the lid back number one. Lower the live well in to the water and allow it to needlessly fill with h2o, keeping the striper alive within the water and trapped inside well bucket.


    Put the fish belonging to the well into some sort of iced cooler in the drive home.

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