How to train on a flasher sonar

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How to train on a flasher sonar . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to train on a flasher sonar “. Hopefully this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to train on a flasher sonar

 How to train a Flash Sonar

when employing an individual to go fishing as a hobby, you recognize that measuring the conditions of the water from time to prove to time challenging. If you are using a sonar flasher system, you can quickly determine the extent a temperature of the water in a particular location, so beautiful as to whether each fish fish beneath you. having a flasher ask yourself placing the sensor in the direction of the water before trying to operate it.



    Put the actual sonar sensor into the water while other flasher upright. Press the “Activation” button in the front of the nüvi, and it will sound waves to search to prepare for the depth of the lake. After a few seconds, the device will display the latest weather depth. If it is impossible to see a height, the water will not be between 2. 5 in addition to 200 feet deep range.


    Keep the sensor out of the water as people fish. The device goes into the details to work the few seconds when you hold it with the water. The unit will be in addition to warn you to swim a fish less than you by beeping and even displaying a fish symbol on the screen. If the simple truth is a flashing symbol bass, several fish may very well under the water.


    Press the actual “Activation” button suddenly opened while the machine to scan mode to achieve a useful temperature reading of the water. The current environment appears to get up to 10 seconds prior to when the device recording the depth will resume and looking for fish. You can also determine the fresh air temperature through the tedium of the “Activation” button after the sensor is not in your water.


    Remove the sensor when finished fish in the water. You do not press a button to show off the flasher sonar; if the unit is more than five seconds, it can automatically due to the battery to save electricity out of the water.

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