How to train on a Polar Tip Up

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How to train on a Polar Tip Up . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to train on a Polar Tip Up “. i hope that this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to train on a Polar Tip Up

 How to make use of a Polar Tip Up

Polar Tip up happens to an ice fishing tool that works on all flag to fishing conscientious anytime a fish on the hook. the system helps you to focus on other activities while fishing. you can also the status of a monitoring bait of distance. It allows you to chat and inside the warming hut or tent that is not directly adjacent to sit your hole. Polar Tip Up is also used in the aspects where using multiple holes by a single fisherman.



    Use of an individual fingers to relax the thumbscrew quietly from the mold. Let the coil to a certain position perpendicular to the towards the frame and tighten the frame set-up spool is locked.


    Place the frame between the legs to keep both hands free to add the line for the coil. Binding to install a half-node 30-pound Dacron backing to the queue. Wrap the coil until it is actually full store. Leave a small cushion to ensure that the coil is never too full or maybe the line can get confused.


    Attach the flag towards the base frame. Locate the pin on the frame and insert the snap end of the flag staff on the pin. The screw rod inside of a counter-clockwise motion until it is usually attached to the pin.


    Use a clinch knot important to install a rotatable in the back. The knot as a result of the placement of the tag end belonging to the support by means of a vision persons from turning. Make seven wraps in the main stem with the line with a tag end of the line. Insert the tag into the opening in the camp of the trek wraps and also limited the knot. Attach a leader by means of a hook in order to convert the swivel to fish together.


    Put the line of your line guide and line a few meters away by hand. Feed the line of the ice hole to stop it from tangling. Set the camp to initiate fish the tip of the hole. Bend the flag and to install under the axle located at the top of the rod concerned. The shaft can rotate and activate the flag when a fish bites.


    pull the coil away from water and some fish is in danger. Manually pick your line and pull the fish right out of the hole.

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