Humminbird TCR ID-1 Instructions

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Humminbird TCR ID-1 Instructions. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Humminbird TCR ID-1 Instructions”. We hope this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Humminbird TCR ID-1 Instructions

The Humminbird TCR ID-1 may be a fish finder of which operates with sonar swells. The Humminbird TCR ID-1 uses a mix of a transducer and monitor to translate the particular sonar wave readings from beneath the boat. Use this forum to find knowledge fish, underwater blocks, water depth along with temperature. Read the screen displays to discover water temperature during depth and floor, boat speed and location of your respective quarry.



    Press and develop the “Power” button for just two seconds. Wait to the simulator screen to check. Press the Power button for a second time, quickly, to leave that simulator and featuring regular display display screen. Use the simulator to find out the TCR ID-1 processes in this case desired.


    Read your large black number on the bottom right-hand next corner. This is the tank depth under typically the boat, in any default setting about feet.


    Move toward the of the screen and evaluate the red lines. The red lines indicate the stream bottom or products near bottom. The setting display will often be black. Follow the red-colored lines or pixels to find if they can be moving (fish) and static (obstacles).


    Look for one large black dot behind a red dot. This suggests a large bass.


    Press any “Zoom” button to be able to zero in and have larger views connected with fish or upside down objects. Use the nearly four cursor control arrows to relocate the cursor to your desired location to make sure you zoom in relating to.


    Press and retain the “Stop” button to make sure you freeze the filter display. Use this to recognize the objects underneath the boat.


    Press and retain the “Light” button to illuminate the backdrop light on the display. Use this aspect in bright the sun or dark nighttime conditions.

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