Learn how a flouro Co2 Leader

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Learn how a flouro Co2 Leader . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how a flouro Co2 Leader “. We hope this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how a flouro Co2 Leader


 How to help you tie a flouro And Carbon Leader

Fluorocarbon is a kind of fishing line this really is invisible under water. for this reason many fishermen to join as a leader, as long as they use braided line for a major fishing tier. Some fishermen, however, tie a fluorocarbon commander monofilaments, especially when they pursue petty variety like walleyes in clear water. the easiest way to tie a fluorocarbon leader leading line is using a blood knot.



    Put your fluorocarbon leader, moreover, the main line, so that one of these in parallel, but the face completely opposite directions. the lines must have a one-foot overlap.


    Wrap it fluorocarbon line in the main line six times. Grasp the label end of fluorocarbon and take it to the loop of the place where the two lines cross. Thread the end belonging to the fluorocarbon by the particular course.


    Wrap the bottom of the main line to the fluorocarbon line six times. Grab the tag end with the main line and grow the loop when the frustrated two lines. Thread the end belonging to the main line through the loop.


    Tighten the knot by pulling blood around the two tag finish line.


    Cut the tag end of each one line in eighth. beyond the knot.

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