Learn how a Humminbird RF Transmitter 10

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Learn how a Humminbird RF Transmitter 10 . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how a Humminbird RF Transmitter 10 “. We hope this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how a Humminbird RF Transmitter 10


The Humminbird SmartCast RF 10 is known as a portable sonar piece of equipment specially designed for finding fish. The RF system 10 consists of waterproof mobile station comprising a transmitting device, known as a “Remote sonar sensor” (RSS). According to the manufacturer, the internal battery for an RSS last almost 400 hours when used for the water. RSS replacement is easily performed as accurate.



    Keep particularly old defective RSS small antenna structure, located in the surface of the device. Free the classical RSS fixedly put by the reduction of the fishing line in the device, with the aid of male fishing line snaps or just a pair of scissors.


    Remove all replacement RSS belong to the package through the top antenna. Avoid touching the lower sensor area.


    Make certain line or swivel from your fishing reel on the upper hole on the RSS. Attach a lightweight fishing line having the desired hook in the bottom hole on the RSS. Keep in mind that the RSS OR ATOM only a further 67 5. Grms may support before losing buoyancy.


    Define this type of channel for those RSS by checking the included read me files. RSS alternative systems “A” or “B” characteristics situation. The mobile station is about to enter the “A” channel automagically; Complete configure soon after steps to the particular mobile station “B” channel to achieve REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION devices.


    Hit the actual “POWER MENU” button found at the mobile station. Wait for the screen to make sure you “Fishing Form.”


    Press “POWER-MENU” button on the right to “CHANNEL” appears with respect to the screen. To stop Press “Arrow” to decide on the appropriate “B” directly. configures the route options “B” in each case, after the mobile station.

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