Learn how to fish Ledges & Boulder Outcroppings

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Learn how to fish Ledges & Boulder Outcroppings . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how to fish Ledges & Boulder Outcroppings “. Hopefully this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how to fish Ledges & Boulder Outcroppings

 How the direction of Fish & Ledges Boulder Outcroppings

ledges and boulder outcroppings are generally ideal feeding point for fishing. based on what time of year you usually fishing, and for the things that get you fish, you can get a good quantity of fish see bulges. smaller fish tend to remain in too shallow water, while the larger fish, as well as the deep area with regard to the oceans, lakes, in addition to the rivers. fish also cooler deep water in the summer and to move into shallower water, while in the colder months.



    Anchor your boat about 30 feet laterally from the outcropping. for anyone near the coast, anchoring a second 10 foot directly from the country. Cast your lure, so that he lands past outcropping. Let it sink a few seconds and the next reel it around slowly.


    troll bait those behind the slow-moving boat, about 5 miles per hour. Pass the corner, the boat turn around often pass in addition to the ledge.


    in front of the ledge and slide the lure in the water. Let it sink to the bottom. set reel for two feet, then jig the rod handle specific law.


    Is the outcropping and decide to lure convert a float you three feet through the weave in the fishing line. Drop the bait and float it in water, then stay and wait.

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