Learn how to fish Ocean Catfish

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Learn how to fish Ocean Catfish . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how to fish Ocean Catfish “. i hope that this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how to fish Ocean Catfish

 How to Catch Saltwater Catfish

Although ocean catfish and freshwater catfish are actually scavengers, both kinds of saltwater catfish fishing for deep-water catfish is a better set of practices. There are two different types of saltwater catfish, gafftopsail and hard Head. are really strong and challenge getting difficult to get rid if they can be caught



    fish regarding saltwater catfish using one of the many fishing techniques next .. still fishing, fishing streams and fish can lower ease bait catfish that living by the end of the water easily fishing methods.


    with live or dead fall, when saltwater catfish rely on their sense of smell to find food. Shrimp, frogs, snails, earthworms, small crabs, in addition to fishing, such as crawfish, shad plus pinfish are great bait alternatives.


    Hook who live bait or disappeared, by starting inside the base of our body, and work up-wards.


    Use scent baits such as chicken liver, which contains a very strong aroma and deep sea attracts catfish in droves. The chicken hardworking liver can be very difficult in the beginning to hold and on the hook, because the slimy look and feel. Place the pressure in the water to be cured a few minutes, which may make it easier in the direction of the hook.


    Use hooks of the circle, and saltwater catfish own tough mouths to sink can be really difficult. Circle hooks support the catfish safer than other types of hooks. Also, do not forget your touch-up hooks for fishing.

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