Learn how to keep a chicken liver around the hook

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Learn how to keep a chicken liver around the hook . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how to keep a chicken liver around the hook “. We hope this informative article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how to keep a chicken liver around the hook

 How to avoid a chicken liver on the hook

chicken livers to use a great bait, especially if you might be for fishing for catfish. to attract the strong smell and the shape of the poultry liver fish for the simple but keeping each chicken liver on the hook is a little tricky. chicken livers are really soft and smooth and can loop must very firmly at the center of the chicken hardworking liver, they can disparaging offer. However, it helps a bit processing converts the liver and keep it on your hook.



    Pour chicken livers this liquid by just pouring out.


    Spread the chicken livers of concrete a space which in the ideal case, sun receive them fully., the area is enclosed and protected from the livers of animals which would always find a tasty treat.


    Sprinkle the chicken livers generously with garlic salt.


    Let your chicken livers, so you can dry for two or three hours in the sun. If the day is just not clear, enabling them how to dry overnight.


    Place the chicken livers in a zip-seal bag.


    Add more garlic salt in the bag.


    Seal all bag.


    Shuffle the bag to share the garlic sodium thoroughly.


    Put the bag with the freezer and leave it there until the day of the trip. Both freeze drying plus usually makes harder the liver and more able to stay on the hook.

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