Learn How to Rig an Downrigger Kokanee

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Learn How to Rig an Downrigger Kokanee . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn How to Rig an Downrigger Kokanee “. Hopefully this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn How to Rig an Downrigger Kokanee

 How will rig a Downrigger Kokanee

Downriggers are a useful tool for taking summer kokanee fish. the kokanee are caught in the shallow water with in-line trolling techniques on the spring and fall even as the hot summer environments drive the striped bass deeper marine environment. the downrigger allows us to troll deep waters during a slow speed plus constant depth. depth control is crucial because the striped bass swimming in institutions, and trolling too shallow or very deep is unfullfiling.



    Drive your boat for the lake to most people read a method for large college of fish against your fishfinder. Usually not stop for singles, doubles and triples as if they are not very likely kokanee. Note the depth for the school and ruin the engine.


    Hook the clip before the end of the mostly Downrigger cable loop on some sort of 4- or 6-lb. Tennis.


    Tie a new 2-oz. spoon until the end of your line that comprises a clinch knot. Have to have a 7-foot, lightweight rod enjoyment of fighting the Kokanee. Use a normal rotating reel with an exceptional slip system.


    Open the bail on the spinning reel and also drop 20 in the direction of 30 feet from the line in the water. Close any bail, tighten the drag knob is brought to a low pressure and place the rod on the downrigger rod loop.


    Squeeze that line release clip of the downrigger cable to help open the teeth. Place the fishing line with respect to the jaws and release the clip hang on the line. Crank take Downrigger and count particular click measurements before the ball reaches the depth of the fish. A click means a base of all models.


    Drive the special boat at 2 mph with a trolling motor to drag tempted by the whole school of fish.

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