Learn How to Rig an Renosky Very Shad

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Learn How to Rig an Renosky Very Shad . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn How to Rig an Renosky Very Shad “. Hopefully this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn How to Rig an Renosky Very Shad

The Renosky Super Shad lure is really a soft plastic fishing made to imitate a healthy minnow baits perch. Available in a selection of sizes 1-1 / 2 for you to 9 inches in total, the Super Shad qualities realistic coloring which has a large angular swimming tail that can provide the action with the water. Rigging a Renosky Super Shad is on a special hook, which makes the temptation that will swim naturally possible.



    Keep an important Renosky Super Shad in the dimensions of your choice, in line with the type of fishing you can do.


    Select single screw-lock Kahle hook punch that matches the data on the Renosky Huge Shad. Hold hook eye to the hook on the underside of the screw.


    Loosen the screw in the nose of the Super Shad before the screw is inserted 100%. Place the hook, so that the thing is in addition to the abdomen with the bait.


    Push the special Renosky Super Shad forward slightly and place the attachment point of the hook into the body of a bait. Push the target by means of the figure and the top.


    straighten that Super Shad inside screw and all the hook bend and even point. Place the tip of the hook just below the top of the temptation to ensure weedless.

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