Learn to make a Pulley Rig

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Learn to make a Pulley Rig . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn to make a Pulley Rig “. i hope that this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn to make a Pulley Rig

A pulley rig is really a useful vehicle ever when fishing in sodium water conditions. Used mainly by fishermen who paints with you rocky coast, a pulley rig helps ward lost rigs. A pulley rig You will allows a sodium water game fish to take the bait and in addition hook before the appeal of the weight exactly in danger. Although pulley rigs are for sale to purchase it is possible to address to make them aware of the basic terminal fishing.



    Bind the barrel swivel on the closure of the main fishing line with a Uni knot. Moisten the knot before when pulling this little and cut the line of your button with scissors.


    Cut a 20-inch period of monofilament line from a filler spool with a set to use scissors are long leader. Perform an end of a long conductor with a view to the particular swivel on the end of the most crucial fishing line.


    Binding a good swivel snap during the one end of the actual long conductor which comprises a Uni knot. Attach a 1-ounce or maybe heavier weight with swivel snap.


    Slide a bead on the other side of this long leader next to associate a swivel at the free end of the long leader span.


    Cut an 8-inch length of monofilament line a filler spool fit as small leader. Tie one end among the short leader directional swivel to the end of the long leader with a Uni knot. Attach a circle hook in the direction of the free end within short leader with a Palomar knot.

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