Make a Cat Bass Rig

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Make a Cat Bass Rig . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Make a Cat Bass Rig “. Hopefully this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Make a Cat Bass Rig

 How to make a Cat Fish Rig

channel and flathead catfish, the two catfish type that fishermen often strive for. Although there are many ways to find them, one of the way to address the catfish specifically to try using a piece of bait on the bottom rig. the set-up throwing rig along with gifts from the bait to the bottom, which is actually where the catfish feast. a variety of live and dead bait are available on a floor rig.



    Spool 15- are capable of 20-pound-test fishing line even on a medium-heavy or big action rod and reel. Use this former sales channel catfish, leave for flat top of your head cats.


    Cut a 18-inch piece of the line and collect it aside.


    Scroll to the end of the set a weight heavy enough to live on the floor could be.


    Connect has a significant line one end of the barrel swivel with a Palomar knot (see Resources). Discover the 18-inch piece of fishing line you will cut and put one end of the USB ports on the other side of the turntable.


    Select each hook and tie it to the end of the best choice. Size 2 and even 4 hooks are used on channel catfish, while flat top of your head fishermen a 2/0 hook or even should use larger.


    Ace the actual hook. Night crawlers are the most effective channel catfish bait, although strips will continue to work on dead fish, too. Flathead catfish choose live bait. Bull Heads not to mention really sucker minnows are good choices.

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