Make a Rod Brochure holder for Catfish

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Make a Rod Brochure holder for Catfish. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Make a Rod Brochure holder for Catfish”. We hope this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Make a Rod Brochure holder for Catfish

How to earn a Rod Holder just for Catfish

Fishing pertaining to catfish requires the fisherman cast your baited hook in the water and await a catfish to uncover it. If the actual catfish are ample and hungry, the bait is usually taken within a short time. Many times, yet, the wait will be lengthy. In these kinds of cases, a rod holder might help. Rather than positioning the rod around his hand, the fisherman could place the rod’s handle at a holder and follow the rod to have an indication of any bite.



    Shape that tent stake in order to suit uniformly against a round pipe as a result of lightly hammering relating to the back side within the stake. Tap at the upper 6 inches within the stake’s angled apex portion prior to the upper stake advances out wide sufficiently to nest contrary to the round pipe. Shape only the top of 6 inches within the stake, leaving the cheaper 9 inches an obvious shape.


    Drill a couple of 3/16-inch holes through each 1 / 2 the stake around the upper 6 inches in the stake. Drill the pockets in two up and down lines evenly spaced apart for one total of 6-8 holes.


    Place the top 6 inches from the stake against a pipe. Hold it tightly ready and mark over the holes in a stake and in the pipe.


    Remove the stake from your pipe. Drill 3/16-inch holes inside the pipe on every single six marks.


    Match the holes on the stake to those within the pipe and secure the stake in set. Load a pop rivet throughout the tool, push the rivet head because of the holes in that stake and water pipe, and fasten the rivet in position. Repeat this technique of the remaining five holes to accomplish the rod display rack.


    Push your pointed end of your stake into the earth. Slide the butt end from the fishing rod inside the pipe. The reel will rest about the lip of the actual pipe, allowing any size rod handle to match in the dish.

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