Making a Tuna Jack port Pole

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Making a Tuna Jack port Pole. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Making a Tuna Jack port Pole”. i hope that this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Making a Tuna Jack port Pole

How to earn a Tuna Jack Pole

Before a advent of substantial seine nets, which are made to encircle entire faculties of fish, jack poles were employed by commercial fishermen towards harvest large sums of tuna. A GOOD play on thoughts, jack poles really are stout rods, traditionally built from bamboo. When a tuna is hooked accompanied by a jack pole the fish generally is yanked, or jacked from water, and in to the boat, in a quick and sleek motion.



    Measure off 2 inches in one end of an important 2-inch diameter simply by 6-foot long bit of bamboo with a fabulous ruler; mark the location with a felt-tip paying attention to pen. Be sure the mark are at the center brand, or the middle on the diameter, of a rod.


    Drill a hole throughout the bamboo, at your mark, with the 1/8-inch drill amount.


    Insert a 3-foot portion of size 6 chrome steel fishing leader on the hole with a fingers.


    Bend this tag end for the wire over with a couple of pliers, so the conclusion of the line is flat under the pole. Grasp the wire leader while using the pliers and encapsulate the wire surrounding the pole, over the tag end within the wire leader, five times. Insert the free end with the wire back in the hole and draw the wire tight using the pliers.


    Attach the size 10 metal swivel to the conclusion of the cord, which is sticking out from the hole, with your pliers. Tie a 15-foot long component to braided 100-pound try out fishing line on the swivel with some square knot. A square knot is usually tied by giving the left end from the line over the correct, and then the perfect end of the line in the left, and driving tight.


    Tie an important size 10 stainless-steel snap-swivel to all the terminal end within the fishing line by using a square knot. Press the snap-swivel wide open, with your hands and wrists, and attach any size 8 do some fishing hook.

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