Methods of live fish hook on the Fishfinder Rig

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Methods of live fish hook on the Fishfinder Rig . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods of live fish hook on the Fishfinder Rig “. We hope this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods of live fish hook on the Fishfinder Rig

 How to live Fish Hook for the Fishfinder Rig

fish finder rigs are designed to get baits in deeper areas where fish may be suspended or serving. with a sliding weight that come with the main brand, a swivel is properly maintain the body fat sliding down too close to the bait. an amount of leader is placed on the swivel, and then a bait holder hook is attached only by means of the end of the leader. lure Live, such as minnows, is often used with the fish finder rig.



    Keep a bait holder hook at the end of the sea food finder rig in hand with the hook easy to get to. Keep a 3 -. to 5-inch live minnow or other small baitfish in the other part


    Keep typically live bait so that the top of the fish prior to the dorsal fin available. Place the tip of the hook next to your fish just anterior to the dorsal fin of the private fish.


    Stick the idea of ​​the hook for the skin of these live bait seafood. Push the tip of the hook by usually the fish and the other side. The push of the hook along the border down in the body of the muskie, since it is possible to nick can be specific to the spine and hurt or injure of the fish, so that it will not be in a position that will swim in a natural way.


    Push the hook throughout the live bait fish until it can be located in the bend of the hook.


    Drop and / or decreasing the fish finder rig in the water as probable. Avoid pouring your rig and live fish large amount of training, such as the impact on the water could injure or destroy the live trap fish.

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