Methods Put Mora Winter snowstorms Auger Blades

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Methods Put Mora Winter snowstorms Auger Blades . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods Put Mora Winter snowstorms Auger Blades “. We hope this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods Put Mora Winter snowstorms Auger Blades

 How this will Mora Snow Auger Blades

Mora has done manually operated ice auger for decades. over time, it is only a few changes, which bears testament undergo towards near-perfection of the unique design. Although style is sound, it happens inevitably usually the blades dull with repeated run. Fortunately, thanks sure you are making a good design, Mora ice auger blades are certainly easy to carry. you can remove knifes and not forgetting to replace them with the help of cutting within a few minutes.



    Unscrew the two screws with a knife by having a 1/8-inch Allen key. Be careful, so you will not cut yourself. Note the career of the blades could face for reinstallation.


    Repeat the procedure for further knife.


    Position a kind of sharp knife along the bottom of the auger. The smooth side (stamped with this writing) will have to face down, in the direction of the ice. Your bevel should upwards. Moreover, the wide edge should be the, with the narrow edge of this report.


    Install the two main screws into the holes in your head. installing them in the soil would be to stop the blade from the saw ice.


    Get together with the 1/8 inch wrench.


    Repeat this process for the second blade.

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