Methods to a transducer on my Kayak

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Methods to a transducer on my Kayak . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to a transducer on my Kayak “. i hope that this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to a transducer on my Kayak

 How will a transducer on my Kayak Fit

Typically cheaper than their mechanized counterparts, kayaks offer anglers the opportunity to shallower marine environment and locations that can not be achieved for fishing due to insufficient road access and motor impairments. by outfitting your kayak having a fish finder can increase your chance of finding fish and read easily land below.



    Crude top mounting surface with sandpaper helps ensure good adhesion. Fast scrub the location with the sandpaper while firmly pressing on through seems to lose the surface is smooth to believe.


    Moisten usually clean cloth with the alcohol and nice and clean assembly area to dirt or any grit .


    Light propane torch and adjust the flame so that the primary blue frame is completely incorporated in the flame spreader addition.


    Treat this mounting area while using the flame by rapidly sweeping the end of the 2nd yellow flame from across the region. In order to prevent permanent damage, do not maintain the flame in constant connection with the mounting region and to be treated for more than three seconds. 4 or 5 quick passes should suffice.


    Place equal amount of resin and hardener into your little hole glass and mix slowly mixing all the popsicle stick. Most kits enjoys the epoxy resin, and included in the same tube disperse all the same level by pressing the plunger with respect to the tube. Stirring gently it is prevented that unwanted air bubbles by forming.


    Pour together epoxy and hardener to the prepared growing area.


    Press the transducer into the epoxy using pressure and twisting between the two. Once it’s ready to be in the position to keep the site a weighted object on the transducer to the set-up unit until the epoxy cures completely, usually in 24 hours.

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