Methods to an electric shaver Clam Spot

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Methods to an electric shaver Clam Spot . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to an electric shaver Clam Spot “. We hope this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to an electric shaver Clam Spot

Razor mussels are generally edible mussels with shells similar thin and long with a straight razor. The mussels are just mainly on mostly sandy beaches on the west coast of you. s and takes into account a delicacy because of the many people who harvest them physically. When hunting for the razor clams, you should look at your “clam-show.” This is a telltale sign on top of the sand, which means that the mussel is certainly below. There are three primary types of clam shell, according to the Department of Washington fish and pets. These are some dimple, donut, keyhole and “V” shape on the sand that betray the presence of the mussel.



    Walk on the beach in a region known to put razor clams, preferably two hours before or more low wave, when offered the largest in the area .


    Find your telltale clam display, which is usually a small dimple or depression in the sand that can be the size of your dime to the size of a quarter.


    For other types of holes to produce razor clams in your sand. This may look like an old-fashioned keyhole or just a donut-shaped hill that usually can form around the well, indicating the mussel is among the sand at this stage.


    Look after the break to “necking.” It occurs when razor clams to expand his or her air siphons above your sand. When clams necking will be, the retreating waters V-shaped paths will in the sand is simply water flowing around the siphon.


    Slap the sand while using the back of each kick or stomp on the sand using your boat in areas toward the surf line. This may be from the holes target mussels to spray sand and water in them will be located. These mussels are able to move quickly through the soft sand, so dig help quickly catch.


    inserting a person clamming shovel 4 to 6 inches so that the mussel show for the seaside. Pull the clam shovel back and assend in a diagonal movement, removal of sand above the mussel. Repeat this process for the mussel is exposed and you will remove it on the sand with the hand of a person.

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