Methods to fish with your Flagel Hook

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Methods to fish with your Flagel Hook . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to fish with your Flagel Hook “. Hopefully this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to fish with your Flagel Hook

 How Together fish with a hook Flagel

a Flagel hook is a specialized piece of fishing equipment that connects a minute triple fronts hook for a live minnow. Many times called a minnow grab, small fish can be used as a live temptation. hook attached to a long metal boss. the leader is inserted like a needle through the body of the dwell minnow, so the game fish are consumed by bait to their normal weight loss plan.



    Stick that steel leader series throat inside the minnow so that it pierces the small fish, and let the minnow in the vicinity of its tail termin. Bend the alloy leader line toward the top of the fish on your 45- degrees, then upward so that the end of each bait rig is usually 8 to 10 size above the minnow.


    Attach a smallish triple hook facing in the Flagel rig, in the mouth of the minnow’s.


    Connect your fishing line to the top end part of the bait rig. The bait rig is now ready to take advantage of. The oils are among the dying minnow would hide the smell by the hands of the experience fish and whitefish flail about in water buoys big game pike.


    Cast the line with using bobber, and slowly and gradually flushing the series back to most people. Such as game fish smell and discover the wounded minnow, they are genetically programmed so that you can strike.

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