Methods to Repair a Canon Downrigger

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Methods to Repair a Canon Downrigger. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to Repair a Canon Downrigger”. i hope that this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to Repair a Canon Downrigger

How to mend a Cannon Downrigger

The Cannon downrigger is known as a depth control resource that mounts at a fishing boat. The downrigger the particular ball weight and cable to regulate the depth for the lure while trolling. Cannon downriggers have a system of heading parts that practical knowledge occasional breakdowns. Repairs in many cases are necessary after prolonged experience of saltwater or accidental experience of other boats and obstacles within the marina. Maintaining the downrigger by means of regular lubrication relating to the bearings and pivot points at the pulleys limits the possibility damage. Making maintenance tasks and replacing a moving parts is actually accomplished with common tools, but marring the actual housing and base might require complete replacement belonging to the unit.



    Pull that brake lever in order to free the spool and pull over the end of all the cable. If the cable would not rotate and accomplish the spool, check the spool for just a cable jam. Possess a flat-head screwdriver that will pry the lead and work it loose from spool.


    Use an important Phillips screwdriver to eradicate the four screws out of your side of the console. Remove the plate and accomplish the side within the downrigger to get the spool. Remove any debris within the spindle area along with add lubrication if for example the spool is in no way rotating smoothly. Replace your whole spool if any material is crumbled or broken.


    Use a screwdriver to clear out the screw controlling the crank around the spool. Hold the bottom of the improve on with pliers to forestall spinning while you take away the screw. Replace the broken handle having a new piece and additionally tighten the attach. Broken crank handles certainly are a common issue at downriggers.


    Remove busted rod holders simply by unscrewing the bolt within the base of the holder which includes a hex wrench. Remove the washers following the bolt and yank the rod holder away from clamp. Replace which has a new holder as well as tighten the bolt to be able to clamp it ready.


    Inspect the actual downrigger base when the unit wobbles not to mention feels unsecured. Tighten the bottom bolts that url to the boat. Replace your whole base if breaks and breaks can be found.

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