Methods to Use the Yum Crayfish Lure

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Methods to Use the Yum Crayfish Lure. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to Use the Yum Crayfish Lure”. Hopefully this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to Use the Yum Crayfish Lure

How make use of the Yum Crayfish Lure

The YUM offshore fishing lure company may make several soft plastic baits which is designed to imitate crayfish, which are among the many top food components of bass. The baits appear as if real crayfish and can include claws, a start, legs and butt. Anglers primarily rig the crayfish about the weedless jig, which creates some sort of jig and this halloween — or together with a Texas rig, with a sinker and simple hook. Both rigs is fished in and also through heavy take care of, where bass often can be located.


Jig plus Pig


    Hold your weedless jig a single hand. The good jigs weigh among about 1/4- and even 1/2-oz., have any lead head, silicon cover and fiber grass guard that safeguards the hook.


    Insert any hook point in to the tail of your Yum crayfish. Slide the crayfish the shank of the actual hook and touch the hook point away from the soft plastic if its tail is simply below the jig mind. Slide the crayfish other way up the shank that makes it snug against this jig head and additionally rides straight in the hook.


    Tie that jig and crayfish in order to 12-lb. or heavier fishing line which has a Palomar knot.


    Cast a jig and crayfish around cover like boat docks, wood and vegetation. Allow lure sink to your bottom, and then twitch ones own rod tip to help you impart action in the lure. Retrieve it here we are at the boat or perhaps shore in small-scale hops.


    Experiment with the method that you retrieve the trap. Some days, bass hit the item best if that just sits for the bottom. Other times, they may reach it best if you happen to work it boldy, using your rod to help with making the lure jump there are various bottom. Sometimes, the most impressive retrieves is to help reel the lure with the water column therefore it looks like some sort of minnow or many other fish.


    Set the hook having a hard, upward motion from your fishing rod.

Texas Rig


    Slide any bullet sinker on a 10-lb. examination or heavier doing some fishing line. The sinker must be heavy enough and keep the Yum crayfish relating to the bottom.


    Tie a new size 1/0 so that you can 3/0 hook relating to the end of that fishing line that has a Palomar knot. Utilize the smaller hook when fishing together with the smaller Yum crayfish, the more expensive hook for the bigger crayfish.


    Push this hook point 1/8 inch within the tail of typically the Yum crayfish. Bring the hook right out the bottom side with the crayfish, then slide the crayfish the shank of this hook until it really is just below a persons vision of the land. Turn the hook thus it faces the crayfish, and insert the purpose of the hook on the crayfish. Press the lure in until and ofcourse just below the symptoms on the crayfish’s to come back.


    Cast this Texas-rigged crayfish right into heavy vegetation as well as under boat docks. Permit the rig to sink in the bottom, then work it time for the boat and / or shore with little hops.


    Set the hook having a hard, upward motion of your respective fishing rod.

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