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BoatUS, the country's largest recreational navigators organization with more than half a million members, launched its top 10 navigation videos in 2019 from its YouTube channel last week.

"Navigators are always hungry to learn more or to acquire a new and challenging craft handling ability, such as learning to push back a single boat in a boat, our most watched video released this year," said Elio Betty, BoatUS Magazine editor, whose editors produce BoatUS videos.

The viewers of the YouTube channel BoatUS also sought practical advice. "How to tie a nail hitch" was number 2.

"Along with a hitch and a bow, each navigator needs to know these three knots," Beatty said. "It also makes perfect sense that‘ How to choose a Bimini Top was number 4: we all want a place that is out of the sun, and a bimini is one of the first purchases made by sailors after buying a boat. "

Visit for a link to your top 10 videos.

Learn to fly fishing on the San Juan River

Rhody Fly Rodders will hold a seminar on "Fly Fishing on the San Juan River" on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverside Sports Association, 1 Mohawk Drive, East Providence. The meeting will be followed by the annual sale of Christmas fly rigs from the group, where members and friends bring new and used unwanted gear for sale or trade.

Ed Lombardo, a well-known local fly fishing guide and instructor, will talk about his experiences when fishing the San Juan River in New Mexico, with his prolific hatches and large rainbow trout.

"This river has one of the best dry fly actions I've seen," Lombardo reports, adding that the fish are large and vary from 16 to 20 inches, with a kind of 70 percent rainbow and 30 percent brown trout

Lombardo's presentation will include information on the fate of the water anatomy, how to fish in the river and what options for tackle, flies, rods, reels and lines for this wonderful fishery. Lombardo will also help you start the trip planning with information on flights, vehicle trips, accommodation, fly shops, restaurants and the total cost of the trip.

The presentation will be followed by the "Annual Sale of Christmas Fly Tackles" by Rhody Fly Rodders. Everyone is invited to bring unwanted fishing gear to sell and market. Bring the rig labeled with your name and price, find a place at a table to show the rig and all the income is yours.

The Rhode Fly Rodders is the oldest saltwater fly fishing club in America. For more information, contact the club president, Peter Nilsen, at [email protected]

Highlights of the Marine Fisheries Council

The Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council met last week to formalize recommendations on commercial fishing regulations. Visit to view a full video of the meeting and the minutes of the meeting as they are approved and published.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • Two aquaculture leases were presented to the Council and / or the Shell Fish Advisory Panel to identify if the proposed lease areas were in conflict with wild-harvest fisheries in the areas. It was discovered that both lease agreements were not in conflict, including a lease area proposal at Rome Point, North Kingstown, and a proposal to expand the lease area at Quonochontaug Pond in Washington County.
  • Open a portion of the Providence River for seafood fishing: the Providence River is possibly clearer than it has been in some years, so much so that a process is being prepared to open a portion of the river. The quality of water and shellfish within the southern section (south of a line between Gaspee and Bullocks Point) of the Providence River (with the exception of Occupessatuxet Cove and the east coast from Bullocks Point to Nyatt Tower) meets the requirements for Water management as conditionally approved. The next steps to open this conditional area include updating maps and descriptions, finalizing closing lines with the Law Enforcement Division, documenting new descriptions and range markers, and coordinating with RIDOH for completion.
  • The 2020 regulations on fish caught at the November 12 public hearing were presented to the council for recommendations. Species addressed at the meeting included tautog, black sea bass, scup, summer sole, blue fish, Atlantic menhaden, ocean pout and wolf bans. In addition, a report and division recommendations were made on the Pilot Aggregate Research Program, with the council making supporting recommendations. The good news at the meeting was that Rhode Island's black sea bass commercial quota is expected to increase from 377,000 pounds to 613,000 pounds. Visit to obtain meeting material on fish regulations, meeting minutes on recommendations and a video link of the meeting.

Where is the bite?

Saltwater fishing this week was mixed: Jeff Fraser, of Red Top Sporting Goods in Buzzards Bay, said: “The tautog bite and the school's low scratch bite has slowed down a lot on the Cape Cod Canal. Some fishermen keep catching scup.” Captain Frank Blount , from the French fleet, said: "Blackfish fishing was everywhere this week. It was solid as a rock or nothing. This is one of the signs with the temperature of the water going down and the fishing going down. High hooks in the week went home with limit catches. The fish in the pool weighed about nine pounds. "Captain. Tom Pelletier of Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle in North Kingstown said:" Tautog fishing has declined and there are no longer many bait shops selling crabs. Fishermen are focusing their attention on cod fishing and freshwater fishing. We sold enough pimples to fishermen who pointed to the largemouth bass in the southern and western ponds in the state. ” Cod fishing was also mixed the last two weeks. Captain Blount said: “Some days everything was cod and nothing more than nothing. Other days the autumn of mixed fishing was true. Friday was the best action, with high hook boxing and six goalkeeper cod. "

Freshwater fishing: "We're still in a small transition: it's cold and then hot," said Craig B. of Northeast Trading Company in North Attleboro. “Not many people fish from the shore and there is no ice in the local ponds. Then, once things freeze, fishing will recover in local ponds, ”said Fraser. “The sting in local ponds like Peter’s Pond and Long Pond has been quite good for the largemouth bass. The Falmouth and Plymouth ponds are good.


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