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 My simple approach to Pole Fishing . Hi  all of fishing lovers, Today's post is "
 My simple approach to Pole Fishing ". We hope this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

 My simple approach to Pole Fishing 

About four years ago I looked at my rig drawer and realized that I had well and truly complicated things. I had to buy over the years, tried floats for every conceivable situation. This realization was discovering BGT with me drives *. I also had several rigs of line strengths and lengths, hooks and rigs were the same. When I sat down on a pin and looked into my rig tray I was confused when to use what. This then led me to doubt whether I was using the "right" float / line / hook. Invariably I would convince myself that I had left the right rig at home. And this affected my fish. So it was a bit of a revelation that I noticed when combined with watching the BGT float range, I decided to simplify everything.

The change in my fishing was marked and rewarding. I used to be happy if I framed in a few club matches a year. After the change I started designing regularly and winning a few more. I was open with my own in a few games. I hasten to point out here that I do not set an intellectual disability or simple. But I had thought about what I did. I had to simplify the address so I could then concentrate on what I now believe that the three most important things - location, presentation and bait (including food and bait). So all existing installations, floats and bottom lines were discarded.

I opted initially for four floats from BGT range (commercial fishing), though I have now changed something, each float has a specific goal already wide. The first two (BGT1, Shallow-Long) will account for at least 90% of my summer fishing pole. It does not get simpler than that.

BGT1 - a 0.2g margin float ideal for work, whether near or far bank. Rig length 4 km, on a light blue winder. I have now a spring eye for added security.

Shallow-Long - 0.5g same float as the BGT1, but with a longer handle. Both cars have an elongated rugby ball shape. The Shallow-Long rig length is seven feet and is used in open water or margins too deep for the BGT1. Navy blue winder.

Grey - 0.5 g with a thinner bristles than the Shallow-Long and longer form of the body. Seven foot rig and used in open water where a delicate approach is needed. Sees more use in the winter. Green winder.
Grey - 1g. Ten foot rig for deeper swims or days when there is a drag on the water. Yellow winder.


Blue - 1g round body with a thin hair. Ten foot rig on a pink winder and used in open water where the depth is greater than six feet or shallower swims when a tow. I must admit that I now rarely trust this float more wear on the 1g Grey.

All rigs are 0.17 mainline (Preston Reflo Power) with the exception that I have a set of 0.5 g Greys 0.13 for Winter, silver and F1 & # 39; s. With these five can I every dive I draw from the commercials because I make fished fish of this change. The advantage for me there is no doubt in my mind when fishing. I make the rig work for me. Yes, it may not be perfect as required by a top fisherman. But I think lost bit of perfection is more than offset by my faith in the harness and the ability to focus on three important things that I mentioned earlier. The color coding of the reels and the limited range of the line strengths means I can select the appropriate rig without fuss and I do not have to label the winders.
My simple rig collection

Last year I started to BGT Beedee carrying, in particular, a float in the water with a few locations in mind. Four feet of 0.17 line. But I rarely fish this method. I keep six gear on a winder.


A final set of floats I rarely use the Avanti Choppy. I won it floats in a lottery and must admit threw them in the back of a drawer when I got home. But what I realized later was that they were ideal floats for when the weather is really rough. The four floats range from 4x16 to 1.5g, but crucially they have the longest hair I've seen on a float at 8 cm / 3 ¼ inches. This means that when there is a heavy chop on the water the body far pass under it, and the float and by the surface. They are mounted ten feet of 0.17 line, purple winder. These floats remain at home for most of the time, unless a strong wind is predicted.


I have taken to adding a feather eye on summer drives at 0.17 line. This simple and inexpensive job prevents just the side eye is pulled. I also coat all new cars with nail polish. I do not insist on the fact that a particular brand, just a clear coat will do me. I re-varnish when re-creating rigs.


On my BGT1 margin rigs I shot with two No.6 shot just above ten inches below line. From there, I can fine-tune, depending on the bites on the day. False bites of small fish and liners can be offset by the removal of some weight, turn one or both shot for No.8s. To rig sensitive I make some point down with extra kick. Only rarely will I switch to a series of smaller shot.
As I have said in my Fish that Pellet post on my deep rigs I experimented with a strange looking shotting pattern that I think combines the advantages of a heavy vehicle with the finesse / sensitivity of a lighter. That is I have three No.10 shot 4-6 inches apart starting just above the bottom line. I then add as many No.6 shot if needed, but strung above the No.10s below the float. I should trim the float dot down with a shot from the top No.6 and the float. It seems to work for me. I will move a bulk use by No.6s to just above the top 10 as a strong drag.
Hooks / rigs
Simplifying my rigs was easy although it would scare many. I only use Reflo power line and accept that the actual diameter is probably around 0:02 thicker than indicated. But I'm glad not jeopardize ever bites me. It certainly reduces the number of fish lost through the rupture.

Kamasan B611 (spade) size 16 to ten inches of 0.13. This is the thickest line that I will use a spade end hook

Kamasan B611 (spade) size 18 to ten inches of 0.10. This is for silvers but mostly carp in winter along with a main line of 0.13.

Fox Carp Match 2 (eyes) size 18 to ten inches of 0.17 line. An eyed hook is great for the number, larger than the Kamasan 16. I feel more confident with the thicker line on an eyed hook. Unfortunately, it no longer made, but I did stock up on a few.

Red Drennan Carp Maggot (spade) size 16. I have tried these hooks as a replacement for the B611 16 after Bob Nudd gave me one to try last year. Very impressed with all of them in extreme circumstances, I have had one or two come out on me. Interestingly, the one Bob gave me a pre-tied hook to nylon and was a half inch longer than my homebound 10 inch leader. If someone is looking for a reliable hook to nylon for the expander / maggot for carp I can recommend it. I easily landed 100 pounds on one hook during the day with Bob.
The Fox was larger baits such as 6 / 11mm expanders, pasta and corn, Kamasan for maggot but usually 4 / 6mm pellet although I will fish grist also these. In I expanded the range of the past three years. I also have a version of the Fox / 0.17 includes a strap which can be fished hard pellet. And a place with larger than average fish a Fox Carp Match 2 extra strong to 0.21 line, ten inches with and without tape.
But again, choice is simple and straightforward with Kamasan 16 / Drennan is most commonly used, followed by Fox 18. All rigs enable the same length if necessary, easy. And I put very rarely shot to the bottom line.
Elastic have also been simplified. For my long stick I got nine kits. Five 18-20 have fixed, the other four have 16 solid in the summer, 14 solid in the winter. My margin pole has six selected kits, three with 16 solid, two with a solid 18-20 and one Drennan Carp Bungee 20 (hollow) set tight. I can never predict what I'm going next catch and so I opted for an elastic, which will enable me to have control of the larger fish. I can make a few small fish such as skimmers bump, but to be honest not to be bother me. I manage well with the elastic I use and see no reason to complicate matters with Pullas.
I have concentrated in the past three year fishing pellet and corn. On most commercials in the summer I find that a little more than necessary. I will wear what maggot and meat when I know that the audience responds. I will always made me in the winter. Sometimes the fish will only look at a single red maggot. I believe that by limiting myself to a narrow range of bait I learned how to fish effectively. Again, I can no confusion or doubt because I just did not make the options on my side drawer worry about having. And of course this bait (grain, corn, meat) are relatively inexpensive, especially if you can get pellets in bulk.
Does this simple approach work? For me, yes. The first year that I won I did / framed in more matches than I had ever done. In the period from July 2013 to June 2014 I fished 47 games and took money at 25. Although some were mainly fishing on the feeder, but I suspect that many anglers my power level could improve their catch by adopting this simplified approach . As I said, I now believe to have the location, presentation and bait are important and improve skills in these areas will have a greater impact than fine tuning rig with 101 variations of float / line / hook. But you gotta do what gives you confidence.
I do not fit in more games is not to tackle down, but my mental ability to do the right thing, making the right changes in the day. Once I catch the location, presentation and nutrition / hookbait get right I start. I readily admit that I wrong decisions and wrong guidance on what changes I should make. It's always (well nearly so) in the last hour or on the drive home, I realize my mistake. I am also impatient and if something does not change soon, I work and do not settle until I finally make a decision and stick with it.
On the separate issue of breaking down rigs. I do this as I have a rig with a significant amount of cut down and I'm not probably the same site fishing again soon. I have several rigs separately stored for one or two sites that I will fish regularly, like the one I'll fish every summer evening in a weekly series. I do not wish to waste the old line. This is fed back either to the bottom lines or shorter installations.

In the past year I have at least 25 different commercials / carp fishing lakes dominated. I take confidence that I can take a rig and know that it will be the right height and weight (4ft / 0.2g, 7ft / or 10ft 0.5g / 1g ft) to adjust swimming. The 0.17 line and my choice of elastics will handle carp to low double rooms.

My simplified approach works for me. It does focus on pole fishing commercials though I fish the same idea applies to my channel. I'm an average club angler. I'm probably too old to improve a lot, but I still want to be competitive at the level where I fish. For me making things easier helped to do that. I certainly have won more races and framed frequently since making the change.

* I am not sponsored by BGT (, I like the floats, price and service. Most floats in the range of less than £ 1 Yes, you have to buy them in sets of ten. But as I would like to introduce several identical rigs and floats gets smashed through the year that is not a problem but an advantage.

Update February 2015 [1945903million] BGT is apparently reduced as owners retire. The company may be sold on. But for now the stocks are reduced.

My thanks to Bryan from BGT for allowing me to take the picture & # 39; s are floats of his website.

Next post will be around the 16th of August, when I plan to reveal some of the odd and homemade items I carry in my profession.

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