Natural Bait Recipe just for Channel Catfish

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Natural Bait Recipe just for Channel Catfish. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Natural Bait Recipe just for Channel Catfish”. i hope that this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Natural Bait Recipe just for Channel Catfish

Homemade Trap Recipe for Sales channel Catfish

When do some fishing for channel catfish it is not necessary to go towards the store to acquire bait. Catfish are normally attracted to some of the most foul smelling foods that men would normally get rid of. Instead of hurling the meat away, save it as well as make bait for so when you go sportfishing for channel catfish. It can save you money and possibly work best of all than the sales channel catfish bait you’d be paying money for for the store.



    Mix all ingredients from a blender except in the garlic salt.


    Remove bite-sized pieces on the blender and start them into lite flite small enough to adjust to onto your loop. Place the bite-sized lite flite onto wax daily news.


    Sprinkle garlic salt during the balls. Place the balls in a plastic container as well as zip-lock bag along with freeze until you you will need to go fishing.

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