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New Fishing Lures. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “New Fishing Lures”. We hope this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

New Fishing Lures

Because Every Fish Needs a Kiss. A topwater favorite of Jimmy Houston, the XCalibur Jimmy topwater walker fishing lure is the most fish kissing bait on the market. Designed with painstaking detail, its precisely engineered body is built for effortless walk-the-dog performance. Each fishing lure is decorated with a variety of natural hues and dressed with the finest components to keep you and bass satisfied. The Jimmy fishing lure is perfect for hooking that renegade bass or catching the kicker fish you need to win your bass tournament.

Because the sound of success is Hi-Tek. This lipless crankbait brings them in from far-off with super-loud rattles and a tight, precision-tuned vibrating wiggle. It casts like a bullet and emits an awesome amount of vibration at a death-cry-of-a-minnow pitch. Its meticulously detailed design makes this rattle bait the unparalleled choice in vibrating lures. Using high-tech, precision tuned instruments, XCalibur is able to offer you a crankbait fishing lure, such as the Xr50 Rattlebait, that is almost impossible to fish wrong. It swims on its way down on slack fishing line and swims as you retrieve it, sure to make your bass fishing excursions successful and plentiful.

The slightest twitch sends these suspending fishing lures skittering into a death dance that big bass have to cut in on. The quality engineered Xs4 stick bait lure delivers a fine-tuned jerkbait action that redefines suspended animation. Precise detail, a performance casting system and years of R&D trigger strikes when other minnowbaits and jerkbaits won’t get it done. Because Hi-Tek fishing gear gets you more fish.

This Suspending Jerkbait Runs True & Balanced, especially when this fishing lure is cast or trolled at any speed, and it jerks around like the mortally wounded when twitched. It’s deadly any way you fish it. The Xt3 embodies all the attributes of the perfect Hi-Tek jerkbait. Every possible movement is performance engineered. Our ultra-realistic etched finish fools the most pressured fish.Created to give you an edge, the XCalibur Xt3 jerkbait fishing lure is the perfect temptation to pull bass out of cold waters. Tie one of these fishing lures on, make your cast, and slowly reel in your fishing lure while jerking and twitching the bait along the way. Reap the rewards of these outstanding XCalibur Xt3 jerkbaits as you take first place at the final weigh-in of your local bass fishing tournament.

The quickest way to become a master of poppin’ and chuggin’? Fish a bait designed by the world’s finest topwater master and professional angler, Zell Rowland. Zell hand-carved the prototype that became the Zell Pop. XCalibur’s performance engineering and Hi-Tek design developed a popper that will sit tail down and create the optimum spitting action. Zell is not afraid to use this spitting fishing lure all season long and at various time of the day, but the best time to walk and spit a Zell Pop on the surface is during a cool, beautiful sunrise and when the heat begins to subside in the cool breeze of the evening. Because Zell knows not all poppers are created equal.

The Cotton Cordell Jointed Grappler Shad fishing lure features the toughness of the original Grappler Shad crankbait with even more big fish strike-producing action. The jointed body provides the bait with the wounded action of baitfish in distress and is an excellent cold-water fishing lure for smallmouth fishing and walleye. The Grappler Shad also has a following among crappie fishing anglers, solidifying its status as a truly adaptable bait. Its realistic 3D eyes and gill plates provide a natural look that separates Cotton Cordell lures. Heavy-duty split rings and bronze hooks seal the deal.

The secret to the YUM BuzzFrog’s popularity is the “gurgle” it produces as it’s retrieved. The BuzzFrog’s feet provide the movement bass can’t resist. The body textures simulate the feel of a real frog and it is impregnated with Live Prey Technology, YUM’s exclusive scent/attractant, so bass hang on longer. A hook slot ensures the BuzzFrog stays weedless in the heaviest of cover.3.5″ inches in length. 6 per package.

The YUM Craw Papi fishing lure is durable, yet velvety soft to the touch. It has one of the most realistic shapes of any slim profile soft plastic lure crawfish imitation. The natural, oversized pinchers, are filled with a swimming action that moves during the fall as well as while you’re working the bait. It makes a great jig trailer and can be equally effective on a Carolina or Texas Rig.

The 3/8 ounce BOOYAH Swim’n Jig fishing lure is made with an arrowhead designed jig head and flat planing bottom, along with a line tie that’s in-line with the hook shank, which all add up to one thing – the most weedless jig available today. The Swim’n Jig lure is made with a strong weed guard, hard coat paint, a BOOYAH silicone skirt, two loud red rattles and an XCalibur Tx3 point triple cutting edge fish hook – “So sharp, you don’t have to set the hook.” Just throw it into the thickest shallow cover and burn it back for explosive strikes.

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