New Texas Kayak Trail offers Kayak Anglers New Opportunities

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 New Texas Kayak Trail offers Kayak Anglers New Opportunities . Hi  all of fishing lovers, Today's post is "
 New Texas Kayak Trail offers Kayak Anglers New Opportunities ". i hope that this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

 New Texas Kayak Trail offers Kayak Anglers New Opportunities 

 texas kayak trail "title =" texas kayak trail "/> </figure> <p> If you're a tournament kayak fisherman, you've probably heard of the kayak fishing tournament Series. And Central Texas paddlers, KATS is a staple for a tournament fisherman. </p> <p> But from January 2017, there a kayak trail for competitive fishermen. </p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; clear: both;'>
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a local Austin fisherman, Xander Cremente, recently newtournament series for Central Texas kayakers.

The Texas kayak Trail begins January 14 its first event Fayette Lake

I had some time to Xander interview about the new kayak trail around Central Texas

Q... you have a tournament director for a been other tail

A: I run with Chris Fowler for the first five-man kayak team tournament (team Toad Slam). This is my first full-blown trail.

 xander-Texas kayak trail "width =" 413 "height =" 550 "srcset =" -at- LBL 413x550.jpg 413w, 113w, / uploads / 2016/12 / Xander-at-LBL.jpg 600w "size =". (Max-width: 413px) 100vw, 413px "/> </a> <figcaption class= Texas Kayak Trail creator Xander Cremente with a great Texas bass

Q: How did you come to Texas Kayak Trail Why

a :? I felt the need to fish myself, I spoke with a few to mention another route. fishermen in the area and I had several people tell me how they wish there was another course. I also wanted to create a fun tournament trail to try here and bring this amazing kayak community in Central Texas along. When I first started fishing, many people were all about trying to help the new guy I'm looking to bring back that I hope some of the seasoned veterans with rookies who decide to talk to

V...: What is the difference of this card compared to others

A: the transparent operation, high payout and all in our backyard in Central Texas. The best part is this is a track ran through a tournament fisherman for tournament anglers. I have an idea of ​​what people want and I'll put that on the table. There is not a corporate blog, so I can spend the time to ensure that fishermen are well looked after.

Q: Why did you pick the lakes on the schedule

A: I chose Belton Lake, Lake Travis and Lake LBJ for that lakes that are not properly captured in one of the other routes in the past or currently. Lake Travis is shown later, but not as much as other lakes. I chose Fayette Lake and Lake Bastrop, because they are both large power lakes for the first two tournaments cold weather of the year. Both lakes have also put up good numbers of fish this time of year. And you can not forget to Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) into a track because that is probably the most exciting more we have in this area. I wanted to make sure that most people did not have to drive more than an hour and a half for a tournament.

Q: What is the feedback so far

A: The feedback has been absolutely blown me away. It's much larger than I had imagined grown. I have seen people almost every day to tell me how excited they are to fish the trail.

Q: What is your goal for the track

A :? The main goal is to be as happy as possible so many anglers through a fun and exciting track. I have something up my sleeve for next year, so if it works the first year it will be a game changer.

For more information on the Texas Kayak Trail and the entire 2017 tournament schedule, see check her page on Facebook .

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