North State Fishing Report for the week of August 9

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RÍO SACRAMENTO, Redding to Red Bluff: The salmon season opened on August 1, along with trout fishing on the highway 44 bridge. The guides averaged a fish per rod that works with plugs at Barge Hole, where the water temperature is 52 to 54 degrees . Keswick flows are stable at 11,300 cfs. Trout fishing has been very good near Anderson. Afternoon hatches attract fly fishermen to the river.

RIO SACRAMENTO, Red Bluff to Colusa: Salmon fishing is decent near Red Bluff and Woodson Bridge, with roe fishing plugs. Fish move quickly upstream and do not hold. The water temperature is 58 to 62 degrees near Red Bluff. Schools of new kings have been moving.

FEATHER RIVER: Salmon fishing was slow last week, although some fish are caught near the Outlet Hole in the morning. Expect good action in mid-August. Striped fishing is still fair in the lower river.

TRINITY RIVER: Spring salmon fishing is still very good between Douglas City and Cedar Flat for drift lovers, while bank fishers are concentrated in the Junction City area, where access is better. Most guides limit daily. MagLip plugs work well at first light. The flows in Lewiston are 498 cfs, below 719 cfs a week ago. The flows in Douglas City are 567 cfs, below 750 cfs, and the flows in Junction City are 581 cfs, below 787 cfs. The flows in Hoopa are 1,108 cfs, below 1,366 cfs.

BULLARDS BAR RESERVATION: Bullards Bar's kokanee bite throughout the year is still cooking. The dam is still the hot spot. The conditions seemed stable this week. Brad's Kokanee cut plugs in the Lady M model in deep pink were the main producers a week ago at 35 to 60 feet. Start small in the morning and work deeper as the day progresses.


Extreme lakes and northern rivers

ALMANOR LAKE: The hexagonal trapdoor is still running out. There have been mixed reports around the lake and in some areas the hatching of insects is almost non-existent and in others there are still some insects and shells appearing on the last nights.

LAKE BAUM: Weeds grow around the edge of the lake making access more difficult, but there are still many fish caught in small pigeons, woolly bedbugs and nymphs.

BUCKS LAKE: The sting improved late in the afternoon when insect hatches are thicker. Leeches, zebra mosquitoes and small emerging ones such as sea flies, mosquitoes, nymphs and golden stones continue to produce better.

LAKE OF EAGLE: Summer patterns are in effect and the fish have sunk deeply into the water column to keep out of warmer water temperatures. Speedy Shiners and Needlefish in downriggers have been the main producers.

RIVER OF FALL: The deciduous flies in the afternoon work quite well and at the end of the night there are still lots of hatches from Hexagenia, which is one of the best bites of the year for this area.

CREEK HAT: Wild trout fishing has been quite good for fishermen despite the heat. The smallest Trico flies and mosquitoes work in the morning and in the afternoon they switch to caddisflies.

LEWISTON LAKE: Lewiston is fishing well for those who do the hike that way, and there has been a decent fly fishing action in the afternoon and evening. Near Pine Cove Marina, fishermen use Power Bait and Nightcrawlers.

PIT RIVER: Wells 1 and 2 are not fishing due to the warm water temperatures in summer. All wells 3 to 5 fish well, but you should find areas with turbulent water and faster to aerate to keep the fish in warmer conditions.

SHASTA LAKE: The sea bass is still in deeper waters, but they actively feed on soft plastics and the quality of the fish has been good. Catfish are caught at night with live baits and stinky baits, and some very good sized fish are caught. Fishermen who fish low also managed to stumble on a decent bite. Trouts are being trapped in traditional trawling gear in 70 feet of water.

LAKE OF TRINITY: Bass action is still good around the lake and there is action on the surface of the water early in the morning and at night. Soft plastics during the day will allow you to remain in the sting despite the higher temperatures. When there is a good breeze, there has been some reaction during the day with spinnerbaits.

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE: Spotted basses are being trapped in fine soft plastics in deeper waters at the main points of the lake. Kokanee's action is still good and limits are being captured, although larger specimens are beginning to make the change by catching more hook-nosed fish and humpbacks.

Sacramento Valley

AMERICAN RIVER: The salmon season is open, but warm water has prevented kings from staying at the confluence with the Sacramento River. Shad fishing has slowed. They are catching some great plotters. The flows in Fair Oaks are 3,490 cfs.

FOLSOM LAKE: The lake level fell 2 feet last week, from 454 feet to 452 feet. The lake is 14 feet from the full pool. The water temperature is 83 degrees. Trout fishing is fair. Bass fishing is still good. Granite Bay, Brown’s Ravine, Folsom Point, Rattlesnake bar and the boat ramps on the peninsula are now open. Boat traffic has been heavy. Some catfish are biting from the shore.

DRY RANCH LAKE: Bass, bluegill and fish type are being captured. Trout fishing is slow.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Dunsmuir: With flows of 344 cfs, the upper Sacramento is ideal for trout. Fishing has been good, with hatches throughout the afternoon.

RIVER SACRAMENTO, Verona to Colusa: Salmon fishing is slow near Verona. A few strippers have been captured. Catfish fishing has slowed down near Verona and Knights Landing and is fair.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento: Warm water has slowed salmon fishing in the metropolitan area. Salmon are moving rapidly to colder waters upstream. Striped fishing has slowed, although 13 to 14-inch agitators are common near Miller Park and Bright Beach.

Northern foothills

LAKE OF COLLINS: Unusually, there was only one fish in the photo registry / lunker list of the Collins Lake recreation area, a 5-pound catfish that came without capture information. Just a week ago there was a resurgence of trout in the summer for fishermen and a lot of catfish, so it is very likely that the fall in production is due to the lack of effort of the fisherman due to the heat and traffic of recreation boats.

ENGELBRIGHT RESERVE: Lisa Rogers of Skipper’s Cove Marina said the lake is "very busy" with the reenactors. Fishermen stay away.

RESERVE HELL: Will Fish Tackle in Auburn reported a good trout bite here, all over the lake, but especially productive in drifting entrees.

RESERVE HELL: The reports of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn indicate that fishermen have been enjoying a good bite of kokanee here in 17-inch fish, a very good size for these small landlocked salmon. The roses are still effective in hoochies and spinner hoochies thrown behind a dodger.

OROVILLE LAKE: Jamey Sorensen of North Valley Tackle said he heard that the bass bite is quite slow, but a shot at 30 to 40 feet is producing some fish, but not constantly around the lake. It seems to be better in Middle Fork, and Sorensen said the lower ends of Middle and South Forks could be the best.

TERMALITO AFTER: The water level and temperature have been consistently good at approximately 133 feet elevation, which brings into play the entire fish retention structure, but once again sea bass fishing was hard. Here has been a difficult spring and summer, with just a strange decent week.

Lakes of the north coast

LAKE BERRYESSA: The kokanee are beginning to enter the pre-spawning phase and are being trapped in good size and numbers in the deepwater structure. The bass bite has been up and down during the day, the fish have retreated to deeper waters. The night bite has been slow for numbers, but the fish caught are of quality.

BLACK BUTTE LAKE: The increase in recreational boat traffic and the drop in water levels has caused fishing to rise and fall for many fishermen. Bass fishermen are doing their best one hour before dawn and the last hour of the day. Good catfish are being caught from the shore by fishermen from banks camping for the night.

BLUE LAKES: The lakes have been very busy with people to enjoy the weather and swim. The Narrows Resort reports that trout fishing has been good for those who are fishing. Bass action has been slow and some very large carp have been captured while fishing with night trackers.

CLEAR LAKE: Algae bloom is getting worse in certain areas of the lake and is affecting the bite. The middle lake seems to be the least affected, but is seeing an increase in boat traffic in search of better water. Deep rocks at the southern end have been producing serious quality. There has been an action on water and the frog in the right conditions.

EAST PARK: There is still a lot of snow to melt, so the water level is still high and the lake is in excellent condition despite the fact that the grass and vegetation are dead and there is a risk of fire, especially with campers. Fish type action has increased with the capture of some larger fish. Catfish action has slowed down, but the captured are large healthy specimens. The action of the bass remains excellent throughout the lake with a large average size.

LAKE SONOMA: Fishermen report that the bite has been tougher last week and many of the fish caught are smaller. The night bite for bass has been better, but many of the fish are thin and not accustomed to seeing the quality size of the fishermen. There is no report on Steelhead's action yet.

Rivers of the North Coast

The streams and rivers of the north coast are regulated by low flow closures. Always call ahead to determine the condition of the river you want to fish. If it is not mentioned, the river is closed or there are no reports. The direct DFW low-flow closure line for the rivers of the north coast is (707) 822-3164. The number of streams on the south central coast is (831) 649-2886. New low-flow closures for Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin counties, from October 1 to April 30, call (707) 822-3164 for Mendocino, (707) 944-5533 for Sonoma, Marin and Napa.

CHETCO RIVER, Brookings, Ore.: Trout fishing is slow upriver. No salmon have been reported in the estuary. The California halibut is being captured near the harbor beach.

ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore.: Salmon fishing declined last week, with an average day producing 20 salmon for more than 70 boats that fish in the estuary. Last Thursday, however, it produced more than 40 salmon near Indian Creek. Steelhead fishing in summer is slow upriver.

RUSSIAN RIVER, Guerneville: Summer mode here with some largemouth bass action early and late before the river is flooded with swimmers, boaters, beams and other water users.

SMITH RIVER, Smith River: Trout fishing has slowed with warmer weather. It is still too early for salmon near the mouth.

UJMPQUA RIVER, Winchester Bay, Oregon: Fishing has slowed coho salmon, but some kings are captured from Reedsport to Gardiner. With a calm climate this week, expect better fishing along the docks.

Sierra lakes and rivers

MOUTH LAKE: Work continues at the Boca dam with completion scheduled for mid-August. For now the water level is low and the dam road is closed. Only the east coast is available for fishing in banks or the launch of small boats. Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports summed it up perfectly when he said that swimming is now better than fishing.

CARSON RIVER: Todd Sodaro of Todd’s Bait and Tackle and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission said 1,800 pounds of private trout were stored last week in East and West Carson and Silver Creek. He also said that trout fishing has been excellent.

DAVIS LAKE: Ed Dillard of the Dillard Fishing Guides Service said that Davis trout fishing was suspended for another week. He and his clients captured 15 Monday and 11 Wednesday. Baby Simon attracts the best producers again. Most of the fish are 20 feet deep, and the prettiest ones reach 20 inches, although the catch rate has been 50-50 between the remains and recent breeders. Fishing in the bank is better in the morning and in the afternoon in Mallard with the usual baits, night trackers and electric bait.

DONNER LAKE: Miles Zimmerman, of Mountain Hardware and Sports at Truckee, said Donner is better in the morning, from the sun until 9, until boat and swimming traffic recovers. The lake has not been stocked since July 4. The fishing is slow. Mackinaw fishermen are dragging the bottom.

FRENCH LAKE: A Goodwin & # 39; s and Son store staff member said trout fishing has been better at Turkey Point and Crystal Point, and some people are still fishing in the dam area. Fish up to 24 inches were caught last week. The lime green Power Bait has been the fashion ticket, but they are also producing smaller night trackers.

CREEK INDIAN RESERVE: Todd Sodaro, of Todd’s Bait and Tackle, and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission, said Indian Creek Reservoir doesn’t get much attention from fishing the Carson River so well, but those who try it are finding many trouts.

JACKSON MEADOWS LAKE: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee said that this quiet lake is fishing well from the coast. He called it the best bet in the area for land fishing all day.

LAKE TAHOE: The fishing was excellent for Mackinaw and kokanee. The morning snack has been the best. Some guides point first to kokanee, then to Mackinaw, but if you go after lake trout, the early limits are easy.

PROSSER LAKE: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports at Truckee said Prosser has been constant all day for bass. Trouts are slow, with a small window in the morning and then it closes. Fish in the dam area to get the best opportunity for both.

PYRAMID LAKE: The fierce season ended on July 1 and reopens on October 1.

STAMP RESERVATION: The rhythm continues in this kokanee factory. To shoot the biggest ones, fish deeply (at least 70 to 90 feet) and keep moving until you find them.

TRUCK RIVER: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee said the river is fishing well early and late in a mixture of dry flies and nymphs. He recommended PMD in the morning, yellow Sallies at noon and caddis in the afternoon.

WALKER WEST RIVER: Jenna Casanova, from the Walker General Store, said the river is still a little high, but expects it to be rounded in the coming days.

Northern salt water

Berkeley: El Dorado and New El Dorado III went fishing for salmon in search of good numbers. The new Huck Finn worked the halibut inside the San Francisco Bay and also piled the rockfish outside. California Dawn, Pacific Dream and Happy Hooker combined to place very high amounts of halibut on board and only a few striped bass, fishing both inside and outside the Gate. There were some very nice halibut until the 1930s captured by the Berkeley fleet.

BODEGA BAY: Salmon limits were easy to reach at the beginning of the week and New Sea Angler made passengers happy. The sea winds pushed the clear water towards the coast, which hindered salmon fishing in the middle and end of the week, but the lingcod and the rockfish loved it. That meant trips to Point Reyes to fish in heavy bags for Reel Magic and New Sea Angler. Commercial fishermen located a huge body of 10-mile mixed salmon near the banks of Cordell and those fish will soon move to the coast.

EMERYVILLE: Halibut and salmon continued to fill boxes of fish for another week and Emeryville's ships were at the heart of things. The kingfish returned early with halibut limits. The new Huck Finn had 45 halibut, 235 rock fish and 9 lingcod for 24 people. Sundance was also tied early and the salmon was the quarry, with individual fish up to 24 pounds. Live bait is available, and fishing is good.

EUREKA: The Eureka fishing engine was firing on all cylinders. Bluefin tuna was caught in large quantities starting 30 miles from Eureka and Crescent City. The 82-pound Pacific halibut was caught in Eureka. The California halibut bit inside the Humboldt Bay. The salmon bite was noticeably animated with boats such as Shellback, Fishy Business and Reel Steel pulling a lot of the rails.

FORT BRAGG: The boats ran more than 30 miles from the coast to the correct water and reached good numbers of albacore in the troll. Sea Hawk, Captain Tuna and other ships hit the salmon quite well near Ten Mile Beach. Another ticket for heavy bags of fish was to work the rocky reefs of Casper to fish for lingcod and rockfish. Fishing on the coast was excellent and access to the best places like Dynamite Shack was good.

BAY OF THE HALF MOON: Salmon fishing went up and down, but on the right day, Riptide, Queen of Hearts, New Captain Pete and other ships could take many of them along the rails, mainly from the coast. Huli Cat and Queen of Hearts made large-scale rockfish trips in Deep Reef and observed the coast as Pescadero. Halibut appeared around the entrance to Pillar Point Harbor and they were captured by kayakers and fishermen.

SAN FRANCISCO: The salmon game was underway, although somewhat inconsistent, so experienced skippers on ships like Wacky Jacky, Lovely Martha and Argo were needed to handle good numbers. On Sundays the fishing was comfortable and productive in the North Bar. Flash I and Flash II and Bass Tub stayed in the halibut inside the bay and added some striped bass while they were there.


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