North State fishing report for the week of November 22

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DAVIS LAKE: Jim Graham of J & J’s Grizzly Store said, "Fishing has been excellent from the shore, the boat and on the go!" Reports of rainbow trout consisting of 25 to 26 inches captured with the three techniques. Graham said: “the flycatchers are wearing brown or green woolly, the boat fishermen are fishing with red dotted frogs, Baby Simons or metal perches, and the bank fisherman is catching them on worms and rainbow garlic or on a Power Bait chartreuse .

FEATHER RIVER: Salmon fishing closed over the Live Oak Diversion dam on October 31. Salmon fishing has slowly declined in the Yuba City area, with only a few dark kings being captured. A few strippers are being captured downstream from the city of Yuba.

RÍO SACRAMENTO, Redding to Red Bluff: The flows from the Keswick Dam are now stable at 5,000 cfs. Fishing is very good for wild rainbows and decent for Steelhead's hatchery. Salmon fishing has slowed in Barge Hole and the canyon, as fishermen wait for rain and the first kings of late autumn.

RIO SACRAMENTO, Red Bluff to Colusa: Water scarcity has made launching at Woodson Bridge difficult. Salmon fishing is now slow, with darker autumn fish and some bright kings coming in late fall. Boat traffic between Red Bluff and Woodson Bridge is light.

RIVER SACRAMENTO, Verona to Colusa: Salmon fishing is still slow from Colusa to Verona. Near Verona, small mops were caught in grass shrimp and hair worms.


Extreme lakes and northern rivers

ALMANOR LAKE: The bite has improved for fishermen of ships and banks despite the low water temperatures. Boat fishermen are fast towing tools 10 to 40 feet deep. Bank fishermen catch quality fish in coves with bait and ‘crawlers, while fly fishermen fish in floating tubes.

LAKE BAUM: The cold winter months are the most anticipated for this fishery because that is when it produces the best. Higher than average temperatures have affected the bite, but fish are still catching in flies. Mosquitoes and leeches are the best bet at the moment and one of the main producers has been a pine squirrel leech.

LAKE OF EAGLE: The bite is red hot and wide open for fishermen of ships and banks alike, and as long as the weather continues to hold and the lake does not freeze, it will continue. The best fishing is in shallow waters near the coast where fish are directed to small fish.

LEWISTON LAKE: Now that many of the trout streams have closed for the season, Lewiston offers a great alternative for excellent fall trout fishing. The bite of the fly is still good with mosquitoes, woolly and nymphs. The upper dam has been producing the best amount of good-sized trout for fishermen from banks, boats and flies to Pine Cove Marina and across Lake View Terrace. The bank fishermen are fishing the Lewiston cocktail, two red and one white Berkley Power eggs, or a Nightcrawler and a white Power Ball, or a simple white Power Bait. The main producer has been a gold lure like a Kastmaster or a Cleo.

PIT RIVER: Holes 3 to 5 continue to produce well for the few fishermen who leave now, with small micro-sized flies in dark-colored patterns, and black is the color of choice at this time of year. PMD, Darklords, Rubberlegs, Baetis and Callibaetis work well.

SHASTA LAKE: Bass fishermen continue to find larger than average spotted bass numbers with a variety of methods. Fishermen fish in everything from soft plastics and templates. The larger topwater stickbaits work throughout the day and if you hook a fish it is much better. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, Alabama rigs and spoons have slowed with current weather conditions. The rainbows move towards the arms of the lake while they follow baitfish banks near the surface where fishermen can take advantage.

LAKE OF TRINITY: The bass bite remains excellent around the lake for both the largemouth bass and the largemouth bass. When there is wind and the conditions are correct, some fishermen find bites with large swimsuits on deeper floors and main points of the lake of the largest fish that nobody wants to talk about. Down baits have been the main producers slowly fished deep in deep sea bottoms and fishermen are seeing a 50/50 feed mix of large and small sea bass in large schools.

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE: Sea bass fishing has been slower with warm, flat weather and clear water conditions. A strong wind is expected in the middle of the week and could help trigger a better bite. When the weather conditions are more cooperative, there have been some larger fish that seek to feed on a large meal and larger baits on the surface of the water such as a Lunker Plunker or glidebaits and wakebaits beneath the surface. With enough wind, larger swimsuits such as the Huddleston Deluxe stand out during the colder months.

Sacramento Valley

AMERICAN RIVER: Salmon fishing is slow. The low water level has stalled fishing. Sunday's flows at Fair Oaks were 2,650 cfs.

FOLSOM LAKE: Trout and salmon are suspended since the outputs are much larger than the entrances. The lake fell from 424 feet to 421 elevation last week, a 3-foot drop. The lake is 34 feet from the full pool. The water temperature has dropped to 62 degrees. The lake is falling, with entrances of around 700 cfs and exits about 2,700 cfs.

DRY RANCH LAKE: The second trout plant of the season arrived last week. Trout fishing is fair. Fishing is slow for bass and panfish.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Dunsmuir: Trout fishing is fair in the Dunsmuir area. The flows over the weekend were 257 cfs in the Delta meter.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento: Salmon fishing is slow from Miller Park to Garcia Bend, where trollers use Silvertron spinners. With lower flows, M2 FlatFish and K14 Kwikfish controlled downstream are also working. Banks of bright fish arrived early last week, but the stock declined. The bright salmon was caught early last week, but the action was slow over the weekend. Expect brighter kings in late fall in the coming weeks. Striped fishing is good in the port of Sacramento.

Trinidad / Klamath rivers

KLAMATH RIVER, Hornbrook: Steelhead's fishing continues to be very good in Upper Klamath, between Iron Gate Hatchery and Interstate 5, as they catch salmon spawning eggs. The 1,080 cfs flows are ideal for Steelhead fishing. Salmon fishing has slowed in the upper part of the river, although there are still some late kings.

KLAMATH RIVER, Happy Camp: Salmon fishing is now slow, but Steelhead's fishing is very good near Happy Camp, with no signs of slowing down. The guides are finding adult and half pounder steel heads in roe or side drift beads. MagLip plugs also work well. Sunday flows in Seiad Valley were 1,500 cfs.

KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen: Fishing is slow for late salmon and summer steelhead. Few fishermen are fishing. Some kings were captured last week. The flows in Terwer Riffle are 3,190 cfs.

TRINITY RIVER: Rain is needed to increase the flows and move the fish. Fishing is slow from top to bottom in the Trinidad. The flows from Trinity Lake are 293 cfs, while the flows in Douglas City are 303 cfs and the flows in Junction City are 376 cfs. The flows in Hoopa are 649 cfs.

Northern foothills

AMERICAN RIVER: According to Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn, fresh fish arrive at the hatchery. Clients have reported catching Chinook salmon in teenagers under the hatchery that opens in deeper holes around Howell Avenue.

BULLARDS BAR RESERVATION: Sea bass fishermen have reported a mediocre fishing with spotted sea bass that barely bites Ned's tackle and the fall shot. The areas that produce some of the dink bites have been around rocky spots and the mouth of the Little Oregon stream.

CAMP OF THE WESTERN WEST RESERVE: "Gail" at the North Shore Resort reported that the goalkeeper's bass was constantly captured last week, but on a smaller scale of up to two pounds. The swimsuits and swimsuits work in the middle of the lake and the Bear River, as well as at the top of the dam have been the best.

LAKE OF COLLINS: Members of the Auburn Rooster Tail Fishing Club reported having captured "many rainbows the size of a pot up to 8 pounds." They recommended going to the Power Bait in any garlic shine or color, as well as a Rapala F9 in hot steel.

FRENCH MEADOW RESERVE: Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn reminds fishermen that the Sierra currents are now closed. The entrance is catching rainbows in the range of 12 to 16 inches and browns of 13 to 14 inches.

HOLE RESERVATOR: Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn warns sailors to be careful when launching since the lake is partially down for work at the dam.

OROVILLE LAKE: Joshua Cutler, from the Bass Fishing Team of the State of Chico, and who works at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Chico, reported that many spotted sea bass are being captured in the water early in the morning, and when the sun rises they are in anywhere on the surface up to 30 feet Suggests shots in the usual Oroville colors of white, blue and imitation of shad, as well as rowing tail swimsuits.

TERMALITO AFTER: "Jay" from McGraths Fishing Supplies in Oroville reported that fishing in Afterbay is generally "good." Customers have been buying worms for bass livers and chicken for catfish.

Lakes of the north coast

LAKE BERRYESSA: The lack of weather continues to affect bass fishermen while fighting depression to find anxious snappers in deep water. The spoon and reaction sting have fallen completely and fishermen continue to resort to fine fishing with small worms in deeper waters to find bites. The catfish has been bitten in the arms of the stream and the anchovies are working well.

BLACK BUTTE LAKE: The lake has been drained to the point that it seems little more than a muddy puddle with a dam at one end. Most of the southern end of the lake is dry land with a small drip of water where the Stoney Creek Canal continues to drip water through a large mud plain. There have been some bass fishermen in Eagle’s Pass who have hit the main structure of the lake and the dam area by a few large mouths.

BLUE LAKES: Strong winds are expected in the forecast and could cause power outages again this week. Trout plants have been expected and fishing has been decent, although there have not been many targeted trouts. With the warm and sunny weather, some anxious basses are captured, mainly in night trackers and other baits used by trout fishermen.

CLEAR LAKE: The bass fisherman has reported an open action with templates and soft plastic fish around rock pieces and docks with access to deep water. The LV-500 lipless crankshaft continues to dominate the fishery and many fishermen are taking advantage of the bite while there. The great bait game finally began and there are many fishermen who throw the great Huddleston-style swimsuits in search of the bites of the big trophies.

LAKE SONOMA: Bass fishermen discovered that the fish went back to deeper waters and, due to lack of weather and calm conditions, the bite has been extremely slow. The bite of the shoreless steel head has also been reduced, and many fishermen only get one or two bites, if they have any.

Rivers of the North Coast

The streams and rivers of the north coast are regulated by low flow closures. Always call ahead to determine the condition of the river you want to fish. If it is not mentioned, the river is closed or there are no reports. The direct DFW low-flow closure line for the rivers of the north coast is (707) 822-3164. The number of streams on the south central coast is (831) 649-2886. New low-flow closures for Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin counties, from October 1 to April 30, call (707) 822-3164 for Mendocino, (707) 944-5533 for Sonoma, Marin and Napa.

CHETCO RIVER, Brookings, Ore.: Salmon fishing is now slow in the estuary. Large numbers of kings have accumulated in the tidal water, but they are above the limit where fishing is allowed. The river will remain closed above mile 2.2 of the river until it rains a lot. A storm is expected next week. The flows over the weekend were 164 cfs, close to summer levels.

ELK RIVER, Port Orford, Oregon: The Elk is too low to float from a drifting boat. Some real salmon are caught near the mouth. The rain next week could increase flows enough to allow fishing.

ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore.: A few summer Steelhead are being trapped in the Agness area. The drag is slow in the bay for salmon, although some kings remain near the mouth of the Indian Creek.

RUSSIAN RIVER, Guerneville: The flows are still low and here it is not fished more than the sea bass until the rains finally hit and open the mouth for the entrance of salmon and head of steel.

SMITH RIVER, Smith River: The river is closed over Rowdy Creek until the flows pass 600 cfs. It was 250 cfs during the weekend. Salmon fishing is slow in the section still open near the mouth. Salmon schools have moved upriver. Rain is expected next week.

UMPQUA RIVER, Elkton, Pray.: Salmon fishing is slow in Winchester Bay. A few early Winter Coho and Steelhead are being captured under Sawyer Rapids. The river is low and clear.

Sierra lakes and rivers

MOUTH LAKE: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee said, "a very pleasant climate in the mid-60s and cool off at night." He mentioned a small storm that is expected for next Wednesday 20. "It is now mid-month and the construction of the dam is not finished yet." It suggests fishing the entrance with the low level of the lake. Selective fish are caught, mainly in worms. Fishermen, please keep in mind that fish caught in the stream are considered under the "stream" regulations.

CARSON RIVER, West Fork: The river closed on November 15, along with most of the other high-rise streams and rivers, and is scheduled to reopen on the last Saturday of April of next year. J.D. Richey, from Richey's Guide Service on Lake Tahoe, took his son, Cooper, to the river near the confluence of highways 88/89 last week. They experienced a constant action for rainbow, killer and brook trout in the range of 10 to 12. Richey said: "The water is low and clear, and I was using a nymph in a fly rod with Coop handling a combination of bobber egg / Salmon".

DONNER LAKE: Boat launching with any boat over 16 feet is still difficult with the lake at 29 percent capacity. Land fishing has been the best in the southern part of the lake. By mid-morning and early at night they have been better with warmer weather. Power Bait and Nightcrawlers dominate the capture of rainbow trout and mackinaw at this time.

FRENCH LAKE: "Josh," of Goodwins and Sons General Store, reported, "consistent rainbows were captured with an average of about 16 to 17 inches around the dam and further back at night trackers."

CREEK INDIAN RESERVE: Todd Sodaro, of Todd’s Bait and Tackle and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission, said the Indian Creek reservoir still suffers from an algae bloom and will not be restocked this season.

LAKE TAHOE: Chuck’s of Chuck’s Charter fishing said: “hit and miss with short strokes,” while aiming at lake trout. He said that the fish are now spawning and that catching them requires irritating them to attract a lure. Chuck suggests fishing in mid-December for "better opportunities at the limits."

PROSSER LAKE: The lake level is still low, according to Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports at Truckee. "Fishing is better for the dam." The weather has been warmer, so the largemouth bass is better. They are chewing "anything, crawdad and jigs," he said.

PYRAMID LAKE: Glenn Lemon of the Pilot Peak guide service said: “Fishing has been a bit slower in recent days. But, when you connect, it has been in a bigger fish. "The fish move in 20 to 40 feet of water. He has been catching them" slowly fishing "in FlatFish in frog patterns, as well as in pearl white.

STAMP RESERVATION: The lake level remains high with great action around the rainbow trout dam. With high water, the Sagehen stream arm is harder to reach, but it is worth the boat trip for the best action, according to Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports.

TRUCK RIVER: The good weather with large flows continues in the lower part of Truckee. Now it is without spikes, it only catches and releases, with the best action around the confluence of Boca. Nymph fly fishing and the use of streamers have been more successful in the Glenshire area.

Northern salt water

Berkeley: The week represented a guarantee of Dungeness crab and rockfish boundaries as close to what a fisherman could ask for. The reports sounded like broken records that repeated the word "rockfish boundaries and Dungeness boundaries" aboard California Dawn, Happy Hooker, Pacific Dream, El Dorado and New El Dorado III. A handful of lingcod until teenagers added variety and volume.

BODEGA BAY: The limits of good quality rockfish plus a bit of lingcod at 18 pounds were easy for boats like New Sea Angler fishing near Point Reyes. The boundaries of the Dungeness crab were taken directly from Bay Harbor Winery, in front of Ten Mile Beach, Elephant Rock and Bird Rock. The bait traps launched from the jetty at the entrance of the port brought the pleasant crab dinners. Soaking a bait or working with a swimsuit along the pier was good for a variety of fish.

EMERYVILLE: It was a wild week for Fish Emeryville ships that targeted rockfish on the islands and Dungeness crab along the continent. It seemed that all the ships were in the bonanza … Tigerfish, New Huck Finn, Pacific Pearl, Salty Lady and Sea Wolf. There were some lings that emerged with the rockfish and some arrived until the middle of adolescence. The Emeryville Flats were a good place to look for striped bass and for boats that had live bait, halibut was still possible.

EUREKA: Coast Line Charters, Sea Weasel II and Reel Steel rental boats left the bar through 11-foot waves and dragged their Dungeness boundaries with very few pots. The night baths filled the pots with good crab. For pier fishermen within Humboldt Bay, it was black rockfish boundaries, some green algae and big heads and perhaps a lingcod guardian.

FORT BRAGG: The great story for the north coast is to draw huge deep-sea rock fish now that the unlimited two-month depth regulation is in effect. Sea Hawk, Captain Tuna, Telstar and other boats enjoyed good passenger counts because people want to fish places that have not seen a baited hook in more than a decade. The crab count increased at depths of less than 80 feet. Land crabs in Noyo Jetty used traps to take some crabs home.

BAY OF THE HALF MOON: The easy limits of the Deep Reef rockfish and the even easier limits of the Dungeness crab from the port of Pillar Point or from Martin Beach made people happy aboard the Huli Cat. Similar stories occurred aboard Riptide, Queen of Hearts, New Captain Pete. The crab was very good at Pacifica Pier, especially for experienced crabs that use squid and mackerel as bait.

SAN FRANCISCO: Bass Tub and Lovely Martha worked on the combined trips and made it look easy with rockfish boundaries, plus some Farallones lingcod and then crab boundaries along the Marin coast. Both Flash vessels underwent annual maintenance during the week, then Flash went to Martinez for the winter. Flash II stays to fish and crab out of the fishermen's landing


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